Age Of Empires 4 Beta Key

AOE 4 Closed Beta Now Live! How To Get Age Of Empires 4 Beta Key

Age Of Empires 4 Beta Key
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Update: Age of Empires 4 now has an open beta taking place from September 17-20.

The first Age Of Empires 4 Closed Beta is currently live – running from August 5 to August 16 2021.

This is the first chance many people have had to get their hands on the new game, which looks to be one of the most popular releases of 2021.

Read below to find out more about the AOE 4 Beta.

How Do I Get An Age Of Empires 4 Closed Beta Key?

Joining the AOE 4 closed beta requires signing up to the Age Of Empires Insiders Program, after which you will receive email updates ahead of the start of the beta informing you of its date and inviting you to take part.

The first AOE 4 closed beta is unfortunately closed to new applications (you were required to sign up to the Insider program before August 3, 2021), however, it’s still well worth signing up to the Age Of Empires Insider program to ensure you are able to get involved in any additional upcoming betas for AOE 4.

What Is In The Age Of Empires 4 Closed Beta?

Players of the AOE 4 closed beta will get the chance to play the tutorial mission from the singleplayer game, as well as the classic multiplayer matches – versus either online players or the AI – with up to 8 players in each match.

Several maps (though only a fraction of the amount in the full game) are playable, and there is the option of picking from four of the eventual eight playable civilizations, specifically: The English, Mongols, Chinese, and the Delhi Sultanate.

When Is The Age Of Empire 4 Release Date?

The scheduled full release date for AOE 4 is currently October 28, 2021.

Between now and this date we can expect to see multiple Betas, giving the developers a chance to test and streamline the game, ironing out any bugs and issues prior to the full release of Age Of Empires 4.

Upcoming Age Of Empires 4 Closed Betas

We do not have any information on dates for upcoming AOE 4 betas at this point, however, it’s highly likely that we’ll see at least one more between now and the game’s full release.

Whether these will be additional AOE 4 closed betas, an open beta that everyone can access, or both is uncertain at this stage, but as soon as we know we will be updating this page accordingly.

Can My PC Run Age Of Empires 4?

AOE 4 is not a particularly demanding game, however, if you’re playing on a particularly old or underpowered PC you may still experience some issues. Make sure to have a read of our Age Of Empires 4 System Requirements page to make sure you’ll be able to run the game.