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Can Google Bard generate images?

Will image generation come to Google Bard?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023 1:25 pm
Can Google Bard generate images?

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Google Bard is a chatbot that stands out from the competition in many areas after the recent Google I/O.

Google recently presented a new upcoming feature that will improve Bard. Through its collaboration with Adobe, Google Bard will soon be able to produce images from text responses, a capability that Microsoft’s Bing AI, a rival, has already been able to achieve with its DALL-E integration.

To identify the photographs as being produced by AI, the integration will make use of the Content Authenticity Initiative. It is very early in the initiative’s development, so it is unclear how effective it will be at preventing deepfakes.

We will look at the new functionality and its implications for the field of AI chatbots in this piece.

Google Bard image response Google I/O Keynote

During the Google I/O keynote presentation, Bard’s image capabilities were showcased to the audience and are now available for the public to make use of.

The presenter demonstrated how Bard can now provide more visual responses by using Google Search and the knowledge graph to find the most relevant images related to user prompts.

The audience was impressed by how Bard can now prompt users with images, giving them even more ways to explore and create. Moreover, Google announced that the power of Google Lens will be brought to Bard in the coming months. The audience was excited to see how Bard can use Lens to create funny captions for uploaded images.

Bard Image Generation Powered by Adobe Firefly

Google Bard’s partnership with Adobe Firefly will allow users to generate completely new images from their imagination directly in the platform.

Users will be able to produce visual content that faithfully captures their vision thanks to this new integration of two powerful AI tools.

Bard will be able to better user queries and produce images that meet their needs.

In an example the speaker at Google I/O illustrated how users may use Bard to instantly create entirely new graphics using only their imagination. The presenter asked Bard to design
a humorous graphic of a unicorn and a cake for a children’s party.

Bard and Firefly’s efforts to bring the image to life surprised the crowd, eliciting ecstatic applause.

The speaker emphasized how this collaboration will give people access to new creative options and hasten the realization of their ideas.

Can Google Bard produce AI generated images?

Not currently but thanks to their collaboration with Adobe Firefly, Google has announced that this feature will be coming to bard in the coming months.

When will Google Bard be able to generate AI images?

Having announced their collaboration with Adobe Firefly people are eagerly anticipating Google adding AI image generation to Google Bard. The question remains: when will Google Bard be able to generate AI images?

Google have not set an official date yet for when the AI image generation feature will be available for general use on Google Bard. Given that other features which were shown off at Google’s recent I/O Keynote have now been made available, we suspect that it won’t be too long until you can generate your own AI images with Google Bard. The fact that Bing AI is already capable of doing this also means that Google will want to release this feature as soon as they can in order to not fall behind their competition.

Alternative AI image generators

If you cant wait until image generation is included in Google Bard then here are some alternative AI image generators you could try out:

    • Dall-E 2 – This software come from the same team behind ChatGPT, OpenAI. Dall-E 2 is a fantastic AI image generator which is capable of generating beautiful images in a variety of styles. Depending on when you singed up for Dall-E you may have some free credits but this is generally a paid for service.
    • Bing image creator – This program is powered by OpenAI’s Dall-E 2 and is available through Bing chat. You’ll receive free credits when you first use the software.
    • Midjourney – Midjourney has quickly developed a reputation for being one of the best AI image generators out there. It is capable of many artistic styles including photo-realistic images. Some of these images have even caused controversy because of how real they look! Midjourney subscriptions start at $8 a month.

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