How To Win Fall Guys: The Simple Tips You Need To Grab That Crown

Did you "fall" in love with this crazy battle royale?

how to win fall guys

If like us, you’ve been addicted to the new chaotic battle royale Fall Guys, you’re not alone. With players across the globe downloading the new release and trying to get into the servers, their first week was plagued with issues. Server crashes, glitching out – all the usual drawbacks of a new BR game. But, as we move into week two, it seems to have calmed down, and hopefully, we’re back on track. All this means is more time to play. But, for those who have yet to grab that shiny final crown, here are our top tips for winning Fall Guys.

Tip1 – Embrace Failure

It may seem odd to talk about embracing failure in an article that’s all about winning, but hear me out. Sometimes, falling can really help you get ahead. Especially in early levels like Whirlygig. Some of those swinging bars can really catapult you to where you need to be much quicker than trying to run there. The game is called Fall Guys for a reason.

Of course, not every fall is a win, but you’d be surprised how helpful they can actually be.

Tip 2 – Dive, Dive, Dive

Everyone can jump, but can you dive? When you’re faced with swinging obstacles trying to knock you off the side, diving can be the key to getting past them. When you’re playing any game involving large footballs, diving can help give them a boost to their movement. And, when you’re neck to neck with someone at the finish line, diving can get you there first.

Tip 3 – Keep Your Distance

The key to surviving those early levels so you can get to the crown is avoiding all those other beans before they push you off the side.

The key to surviving long enough to have a go at the crown is to avoid the players that like to grab and throw others off the side, or to be one of those players yourself. If everyone is taking the left path, go right. Fewer people means less chance of getting knocked down if they fall, getting thrown off the side, of being held back. This is especially important in rounds like Tail Grab when it’s every bean for themselves.

Tip 4 – Don’t Be Scared To Hold Back

While it can be tempting to gung ho it right out the gate, holding back as the crowd surges forward can actually be a huge help. You’ll avoid the early pile-ups, have less chance of getting knocked over for no reason, and will be able to better track your little bean.

The exception to this would be Door Dash. Holding back means you’ll get stuck in one of the inevitable constant pile-ups along the way. You’ll have a better shot (and more fun) if you just run headfirst at the doors, Takeshi’s Castle style.

Tip 5 – Pick Your Costume

OK, this one might be a bit underhanded but I figured it out accidentally, I promise. Costumes are one of the fun perks of this game, and it can be hard to pick between being a burger or a bird, but some costumes can actually help you more than others. Let me explain.

When you’re put into groups for team games, your costume changes to your new team color. Except, it doesn’t always. The pineapple costume, for example, from the early levels stays yellow with only your bottom half slightly changing. This makes it perfect for stealthing around having others wondering which team you’re on. It’s very handy for infiltrating the yellow team at any rate (and everyone knows the yellow team is just the WORST).


So, go rogue, and enjoy confusing everyone around you in team games. It can help your team get the edge and is also just a fantastically chaotic thing to do.

Bonus Tip: Don’t Forget To Actually Grab

Hopefully, we’ve all learned this one by now. But, here are some people that hadn’t figured it out in time.

Do you have any other great tips for winning Fall Guys? Make sure to share them in the comments below!