Origin Points, What Can You Do With Them?

What do Origin points do? Let's find out!

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When playing games on the Origin client, you will have probably noticed one of the features known as Origin Points. Origin Points are a visual representation of your gaming skill, in other words, a reward scheme similar to ‘achievements’. There is a bit of confusion about how you can use Origin Points but the bottom line is that they are not a currency and are not like Bioware Points, these are simply just bragging rights to your friends and nothing more.

What Are Origin Points?

When you play certain games through Origin, you receive Origin points. Origin points help you track your achievements and measure your progress with your games. Essentially, there is no real point to Origin points but they are EA’s way of giving you a visual representation of your own gaming ability.

Origin points are similar to achievements and should not be confused with Bioware points, which can be used to purchase DLC for older Bioware titles. Origin points are not a currency, they are a bit of fun.

Can You Use Origin Points?

No, as mentioned, these are just for fun. You simply use these as an easy way to measure your own gaming success. Having a ‘hard-to-achieve’ reward sitting there is kind of like a miniature medal, so you could use it to gloat but nothing more.

Origin Points Vs Bioware Points

While Origin points are simply for in-game achievements, Bioware points are redeemable in-game or online and have to be purchased. With Bioware points, you can purchase or download new adventures, characters, weapons, armor, and loads more.

Bioware Points are different in every single way to Origin points and often get confused.

What Should Origin Points Be?

Seeing as many find Origin points, well, pointless, it has left many gamers asking why can’t they be turned into something more. It has been suggested that EA should allow players to transfer Origin points for cosmetic in-game items. As these points show loyalty to the platform, they feel they should be rewarded, in ways like Ubisoft.

The rewards can start small with in-game items and maybe progress to discounted games or a free month of Origin Access when you hit a large number of points. Anything innovative that EA can come up with would be highly beneficial and could see a rise in terms of visitors to Origin’s store. In any case, they probably don’t need to give away anything from a  business perspective, however, I’m sure the users would greatly appreciate it.

Final Word

Now we have reached the end, I hope the question of what are Origin Points is well and truly answered. Origin’s achievement system may not be anything special but it would be great to see it turned into something that gamers can use to their advantage in the future.

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