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Why is my PS5 blinking blue? Here’s what to do

Flashing blue light doesn't mean the end, here's how to fix

Updated: Mar 23, 2022 1:11 pm
Why is my PS5 blinking blue? Here’s what to do

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When our devices, whether it be a PS5 or PC, stop booting properly and display flashing blue lights, it can be a bit worrying. Is it broken? Why is my PS5 blinking blue? If your PlayStation starts to show a flashing blue light when switched on and then shuts off just a few seconds later, there are a couple of fixes to try and solve the issue.

You may not need to replace or repair your PS5, a costly affair, never mind the rigmarole of returning items to manufacturers or shops.

Why is my PS5 flashing blue?

Normally when you switch the PS5 on, the blue light up the middle of the console blinks in blue, later transitioning to white, letting you know your console is now on. If the light continues to blink in white or blue, it can be a sign that the PS5 operating system has frozen. 

Main reasons your PS5 could be blinking blue:

  • Hard shutdown or system crash 
  • PS5 needs updating and is running an older version of drivers
  • The power cable has been unplugged without shutting down the console first
  • Faulty HDMI or power cable
  • PS5 storage or data onboard is corrupted

How to fix the PS5 blinking blue light issue

Like with most ‘computers’, a quick restart can solve this issue but let’s troubleshoot and run through several options to try and restore your PS5.


If you haven’t already, try doing a hard reset of your console. Fully shut down the PS5 by pressing and holding the power button on the front of the system until you hear two beeps. Once shut down, unplug for 30 seconds at the wall, plug it back in, and reboot.

If the blue light continues to flash on startup, try unplugging the PS5 again but this time while the light blinks.

Boot in safe mode and update

Software updates are generally automatic but sometimes they can fail to install properly. Your PS5 may not even be up to date, so making sure the latest drivers and patches are installed is an easy way to prevent or fix a blinking blue light.

We are going to need to access the PS5 via safe mode, which can be done by pressing and holding the power button on your PS5 for three seconds. Once off, press and hold the power button again but release the button on the second beep. 

The PS5 should now be in safe mode, connect a controller with a USB cable and press the PS button.

A basic menu will appear with several options, all of which could help fix the flashing blue light issue. Select ‘Update System Software’ and then select ‘Update Using Internet’ to check for the latest software updates.

Rebuild database

Follow the steps above to get into your PS5 via safe mode and choose ‘Rebuild Database’. Next, select ‘Clear System Software Cache’. This will delete the temporary files on the PS5, which can make your console load slowly upon its first reboot but should hopefully fix the issue.

Video output

Load yourself back into safe mode once more, only this time select ‘Change Video Output’ and select ‘Change HDCP Mode’. Try choosing the opposite of what is already selected and see if that works. If it doesn’t go back into safe mode and put it back on automatic when you can.

Last but not least, the reset

A final solution that can potentially fix this issue is the PS5 reset which reinstalls the system software. This process will reinstall the operating system onto the console, so be sure you are happy with the time it may take before starting.

Head back into safe mode as shown above, and select ‘Reset PS5 (Reinstall System Software)‘. Now follow the PS5 support process and start anew.

The PS5 blinking blue light issue is a frustrating one, especially when none of the possible fixes work. You can always contact Sony directly for support when all else fails. Hopefully, your PS5 is back on the mend and you are jumping back into those games but if you want to avoid this flashing blue light in the future, ensure you shut down the console properly.

Shaun, with a computer science degree and 15 years of computer experience, has been passionate about competitive FPS gaming since the mid-2000s.

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