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What Chairs Do Pro Gamers Use?

Let's take a look at the chairs pro gamers use.

Updated: Oct 18, 2023 12:17 pm
What Chairs Do Pro Gamers Use?

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An important part of a pro gamer’s setup is the gaming chair. It allows them to practice for longer and harder, whilst maintaining high levels of comfort, stability, and support. For me, the gaming chair might be one of the most critical purchases you make.

For that reason, we’ll be taking a look at what the pros use – allowing them to reach the highest levels of gaming performance.

What Gaming Chair Do Pros Use?

Over the last decade, there has been a huge rise in the amount of pro gamers that record their content and stream on multiple different platforms.

The majority of these gamers have their own preferences when it comes to gaming chairs. Given this, it is difficult to pinpoint one specific chair. While some gamers may have the same chair, a lot of gamers will use different brands and types of gaming chairs.

Some of the more popular choices for gaming chairs include, Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair, Clutch Chairz Throttle Series, and Maxnomic Dominator chair. 

While there are many designs and colors to choose from, there are typically a handful of different companies that pro games tend to use. Some of the more popular and reliable companies include, Herman Miller, Clutch Chairs, GT Omega, Maxnomic, and Noble Chairs.

When researching, there was one brand of chair that seemed to appear a lot more than others. This was the Herman Miller Embody gaming chair.

What Chair Does PewDiePie Use?

PewDiePie is one of the most popular and well known YouTubers in the world. He is known for creating gaming videos, walkthroughs, and is the most subscribed singular YouTubers in the world, with over 100 million subscribers!

What is interesting about PewDiePie’s chair is that he designed it himself. The chair that PewDiePie has customized is by the brand called Clutch Chairz, they are a popular company in the gaming industry. 

PewDiePie has a customization of the Clutch Chairz Throttle Series Alpha Premium Gaming Chair. Felix’s chair is black with red accents, and it features a wavy pattern within the red color. 

It is one of the largest chairs available to purchase from Clutch Chairs, and can hold up to 330 pounds. It has 4D armrests, and can recline up to 180 degrees. The foam padding is high density, and it is made using great quality materials.

What Chair Does LazarBeam Use?

Lannan Eacott, who is better known as LazarBeam, is an Australian YouTuber, and pro gamer. If you are looking for a slightly more reasonably priced gaming chair, LazarBeams chair would be a great option for you.

While it is not the cheapest on the market, it is less expensive in comparison to the Embody chairs. While LazarBeam’s chair does not have the iconic racer back, it is still a comfortable and ergonomic design. 

This chair is all black in its design and features breathable mesh materials. It is particularly comfortable and has armrests. It is one of the simplest chairs featured, but it is durable, and a good choice overall.

What Chair Does Tyler1 Use?

When it comes to League of Legends gameplay, there is one Twitch streamer in particular that is a popular choice – Tyler Steinkamp, who is more commonly known as Tyler1. 

While he does seem to divide opinions over his gameplay, he does have a particularly cool gaming chair. The gaming chair that Tyler1 uses is the Secretlab Titan. 

Secretlab are a popular choice when it comes to gaming chair manufacturers, as their chairs are great value for money and are also well-made. The Secretlab Titan is currently the best model that the brand sells.

Tyler’s chair has been customized. It is all black and is a racer back style. Secretlab chairs are known for their sturdiness, and they are made using durable PU leather. The Titan has many color options to choose from.

What Chair Does TimTheTatman Use?

TimTheTatman is a 31-year-old American Twitch streamer, who has been creating gaming content since 2012. When it comes to the type of chair that he uses, like LazerBeam, he has chosen a fairly simplistic chair.

TimTheTatman uses a Herman Miller Mirra 2 chair. This chair is more of an office style chair in its design, and does not feature a racer back. It is all black and has a mesh back, which is great for ventilation. 

Herman Miller are a very popular choice of office chairs, and given the support and comfort they provide, it is easy to see why they are well-loved. What is great about the Miller 2 is that it is one of the more affordable Herman Miller designs, and is great if you are looking for a chair for gaming on a budget. 

The built-in support of this chair is fantastic, especially if you are sitting in this chair for longer periods. It helps to improve posture, and molds to the user to provide maximum comfort. 

While the design of this chair is fairly simple, it can come in a range of colors for those looking for an interesting chair. Overall, it is a sensible and comfortable choice.

What Chair Does Bugha Use?

While the majority of pro gamers we have included in this article are older streamers, there are many younger streamers that have quickly risen in popularity over the last few years. One streamer in particular that has done this is Kyle Giersdof, who is more well known as Bugha. 

Bugha is 17 years old and is from the United States. He is part of The Sentinels, and is well known for his gaming skills on Fortnite. Understandably, many of his followers are curious to know what type of gaming chair he is using.

Bugha uses a Herman Miller X Logitech G Embody. Herman Miller is a very popular choice when it comes to companies that produce gaming chairs that pro gamers use.

This chair is fairly simplistic in its look, being all black in its design. It has an office style rather than a racer back. It is a fairly expensive chair, and certainly is an investment. However, the materials used are particularly good, and it is a breathable chair. 

It helps to improve blood circulation which is important when gaming and sitting down for long periods of time. It provides a fantastic amount of back and neck support. 

It also molds to be comfortable for the user. While it may not be the most impressive chair in terms of its design, it is comfortable and does have customizable options.

What Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use?

When it comes to Twitch streamers, Ninja is the most subscribed person in the world at the moment. The majority of gamers know who he is, even if they do not watch his content. He is a professional gamer, and is well-known for playing games such as PUBG, but Fortnite is what really kick-started his gaming career. 

Given that he is the most popular streamer, for many it is important to know what his set-up is, so that they can follow suit and purchase the same or similar equipment. After all, if it is good enough for one of the most famous streamers, then it is good enough for anyone!

Ninja uses a Maxnomic Pro gaming chair. This chair is customized for him specifically. It is mainly black, and it features blue accents, and his logo on the front and back of the chair’s back.

It sports the typical racer style design, with comfortable padding on the seat itself and adjustable armrests. The edges are bladed, and it is a more expensive chair. The armrests are 4D and the seat has good support overall. It is a great choice, with a fantastic design.

What Gaming Chair Does Nickmercs Use?

Nickmercs is well known for streaming Fortnite, and when it comes to his chair, it is certainly not the cheapest on the market. However, it does have some fantastic features, and it is particularly comfortable on the whole. 

Nickmercs use a Steelcase Gesture seat. It is a higher end option that has fantastic neck and lumbar support. It is ergonomic, can be easily adjusted and is one of the better chairs available to purchase on the market. 

The design moves with the user’s spine, and it does come in many colors. It is an office style chair, rather than being a gamer style. It can also be purchased in a number of different materials according to preference.

It is built with comfort, support and ergonomics in mind. Given this, it is a fantastic option if you are looking for a gaming chair to use for longer periods.

What Gaming Chair Does Tommyinnit Use?

Tommyinnit is a 17-year-old British streamer that mainly plays Minecraft on Twitch. He has risen quickly in popularity in 2020 thanks to The Dream SMP. When it comes to affordable gaming chairs, Tommyinnit’s choice is a great option. 

While it may be simple in its design, it provides great lumbar support and has everything you need in a gaming chair. While custom gaming chairs are great, they are not always necessary, and the Ikea Markus Office Chair that Tommyinnit proves this. 

This chair is all black and has a high back. It features back and neck support and uses modern, and breathable mesh. It can be adjusted and is comfortable to use over longer periods. It is a great choice overall. 

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