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How long will a gaming laptop last?

We discuss the typical gaming laptop lifespan and how to improve the longevity of your gaming laptop

Updated: Dec 21, 2022 7:54 pm
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If you want to know how long will a gaming laptop last? and how to improve the lifespan of your laptop, then read on web traveller, for there isn’t really a straightforward answer to this question.

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The typical gaming laptop lifespan & what reduces it

The typical range for a gaming laptop’s lifespan is often stated as around 4-7 years, which is obviously quite a big range. If your gaming laptop only ends up lasting for 4 years though, you’d be entitled to be upset.

Cheaper, budget gaming laptops with lower build quality can generally be expected to last less time than a premium high-end machine, though really it depends on how the specific model of your laptop is made: on the power draw of the internal components, how hot it runs (specifically the internal temperature), the efficiency of the cooling system and the quality of all its internal components, particularly the battery. It’s very hard to say how long a laptop will last unless it’s an older model that consumers have already been using for several years – your best bet is to stick to brands that are known for their build quality, and treat the machine as best as you can.

The biggest factors which reduce your gaming laptop’s lifespan (besides dropping it / dropping things on it) are the wearing effect of heat over time on the internal components, chiefly the CPU and GPU, and above all the wearing out of the battery, which can sometimes swell and expand, or more commonly just completely fail to hold any charge, causing the laptop to turn off if it becomes unplugged even for a second.

Even if your laptop still switches on and can play games, you will likely find the performance reducing after a fair few years, as the processor and graphics card degrade (this also happens in desktop PCs).

How to make your gaming laptop last longer

  • Use more conservative power modes where possible: Most gaming laptops these days have onboard software that allows you to switch between various power presets, which divert different amounts of power to the CPU and GPU to make them perform better, for the trade-off of greater electricity consumption and greater heat output. Although it’s tempting to just leave the maximum performance mode on (though this often means a warmer laptop and louder fans) this puts greater stress on the internal components of your gaming laptop, meaning they degrade quicker. If you’re just doing general web browsing or playing a less demanding game, consider turning down these presets.
  • Enable settings to improve battery longevity (where possible): Although this is currently only present on a few gaming laptops like the XMG Neo 15 range, some gaming laptops have options in their internal software that mean you can reduce the speed of battery charging and charge capacity, in exchange for improving the lifespan of the battery. As the battery is usually the first thing to go, this is highly recommended.
  • Shutdown your laptop when you’re not using it: One easy way to reduce the stress on your internal components and battery wear is to simply ensure your laptop isn’t left on when you’re not using it.
  • Use a laptop cooling pad or laptop stand: If you have a particularly pricey gaming laptop, investing in a laptop cooling pad is a worthwhile investment to improve the cooling on your machine’s internals. It can even improve your performance in-game by reducing thermal throttling on your CPU and GPU performance. Alternatively, you can buy a laptop stand.

How long will a gaming laptop last? Final Word

We hope this brief guide has helped give you an indication of how long will a gaming laptop last? Do be sure to check out our various best gaming laptop guides across the different price ranges, which can be found in the Mega Menu on the top of this page. Also, check out our gaming laptop FAQ pages for more general info.

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