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Hallows End WoW Guide for Classic and Retail

Here is how to get the Headless Horseman WoW mount.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 1:55 pm
Hallows End WoW Guide for Classic and Retail

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World of Warcraft is back with one of its best events ever made, Hallows End. Hallows End is that time of year where WoW gets more spooky, where the Forsaken celebrate their freedom against the Lich King, while the other mortal races place pumpkins and walk around wearing gnome masks.

While you can go around wearing maks,s there is plenty of content available in the Hallows End event. The events range from trick or treating, achievement hunting, and, most importantly, doing your dailies to farm the illusive Reins of the Headless Horseman. Here we guide you through the Hallows End WoW event for both Retail and Classic.

The Headless Horseman

Headless Horseman WoW
The fabled reigns in question. Image via Blizzard Entertainment,

WoW’s Headless Horseman is the ultimate boss of the Hallows End event. The boss can be seen flying from town to town, setting blazes for the good folk of Azeroth to put out. Furthermore, he resides in the Scarlet Monastery, requiring you and four other compadres to go forth and vanquish this spooky wrongdoer.

The main prize for the Headless Horseman is the fabled mount, the Reins of the Headless Horseman. The Reigns of the Headless Horseman is a themed undead epic mount capable of flying too. You can only one shot at the mount per character every single day. If you’re playing in Retail, you can queue for the Headless Horseman through the Dungeon Finder. You have a chance to get the mount through the Loot Filled Pumpkin, which drops once a day for every character you queue for the Headless Horseman dungeon. 

So, if you’re dedicated to getting the reigns, then you can queue for the dungeon on your level 50+ alts and mains. You might be able to get the epic quality Loot Filled Pumpkin from the dungeon finder, but I sadly do not have an alt below level 50 that can verify it.

The Headless Horseman WoW Classic

While it is certainly more accessible for you to farm the Horseman’s reign in Retail, Classic has a different process. If you want to get the Horseman’s Reigns from the Headless Horseman, you will need a level 70 character and a team of four other 70s to venture into the Scarlett Monastery.

You have the chance to loot anything from the boss, including items, the mount and quest objectives. Like in Retail, you can only get a chance at loot once a day. If you don’t get the mount, there is a chance you can get some decent catch-up gear. For example, Plate wearers can get the Horseman’s helmet, along with the Horseman’s sword. Moreso, there are a plethora of rings for each of the attribute types. While they are not great items, they are decent catch-up pieces of gear for alts or replacing terrible pieces of gear on your main if your LC (Loot Council) hate(s) you. If you recently did the Brewfest event, you’ll notice the gear is on a similar trend.

NameItem SlotPerks
Witches BandRing22 Stamina
21 Intellect
Equip: Increases healing done by up to 46 and damage done by up to 16 for all magical spells and effects and restores 6 mana per 5 seconds.
Ring of Ghoulish DelightRing31 Stamina
Equip: Increases Attack Power by 60.
The Horseman’s Signet RingRing19 Stamina
17 Intellect
Equip: Increases damage and healing by magical spells and effects by up to 35.
The Horseman’s HelmHelmet40 Strength
46 Stamina
Red, Blue, and Meta gem slots.
Equip: Increases your critical strike rating by 30. Use: Let the Horseman’s laugh through you.
The Horseman’s BladeWeapon2.7 swing speed. +14 Agility+16 Stamina
Equip: Increases Attack Power by 46.Use: Summon Pumpkin Soldiers to fight for you.

Hallows End WoW Achievements

For Retail players out there, there is an achievement you can get that features in the Long Strange Trip it has been. The achievement requires you to get several achievements only available throughout the Hallows End event.

If you’re looking to complete the fear, and earn the rather nice ‘The Hallowed’ title, then you’ll need to tick several boxes. The metrics include dousing the enemy faction bonfires, trick or treating every in up to Wrath of the Lich King, wearing all the masks of every race, and more. Look up the Hallowed By Thy Name and see how your progress fairs.  

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