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*UPDATED* NBA 2K23: All you need to know about The City

Updated: Sep 7, 2022 6:45 pm
*UPDATED* NBA 2K23: All you need to know about The City

Last week, NBA 2K23 announced the latest new features for their current-gen, online neighborhood called The G.O.A.T. Boat. Using the big hit ‘Cancha Del Mar’ cruise boat from NBA 2K22 as their blueprint, the G.O.A.T. Boat was the first glimpse of what the neighborhood will have to offer in NBA 2K23.

The second sneak-peak came today. With less than three days left until launch, NBA 2K23 dropped its reveal of the next-gen neighborhood online experience known as ‘The City’. Since it was introduced in NBA 2K21, The City has grown into a big hit on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. And NBA 2K has continued to build on their base by adding better features and more engaging content.

In NBA 2K22, fans got a good taste of how deep 2K can go with this immersive online feature. However, following the reveal of the latest news and details of The City, it appears that NBA 2K23 took their progression another step further. Here is everything you need to know about The City in NBA 2K23.

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What is The City?

The City is the online neighborhood in MyCAREER and is only for next-gen users (PS5 and Xbox Series X). The City has become by far the most involved and captivating experience in the history of NBA 2K’s MyCAREER online mode. And what’s even more incredible to comprehend, is that NBA 2K23 is on its way with what could be the best version of The City to date.

NBA 2K22 introduced a lot of new content for The City. That said, let’s dive right in and discover what NBA 2K23 has included in The City this year.

NBA 2K23: The City

Curtesy of NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 has finally revealed its newest features for the The City and there’s a lot to look forward to. One of the best ways to experience the authenticity of basketball culture has been through The City. Well, lo and behold, NBA 2K23 made sure to bring that even more to life in their latest installment.

With loads of new content and details they expanded on, let’s go through them all and see what we can expect in NBA 2K23’s, The City.

Traversal Times

Adhering to the requests of the fans, NBA 2K23 opted to make its city layout smaller. In fact, The City is 30% smaller in comparison to NBA 2K22, making for a more compact but integrated experience.

The point after all is to be able to do what you need to do as swiftly as possible and why bother having to jog around the map for a few minutes to do so. To alleviate that issue, NBA 2K23 decided to introduce Fast Travel stations throughout The City, with some appearing as subway stations.

Affiliation Boroughs

South City Vipers
South City Vipers – Curtesy of NBA 2K23

In NBA 2K23, boroughs have taken on a new shape and meaning. They added new thematic destinations that reflect the true essence those specific communities represent. Whether it’s the Vipers Affiliation area to the North Side Knights to the Wildcats borough, NBA 2K23 went all out with their settings and new details, really bringing their new world a whole new meaning.

North Side Knights
North Side Knights – Curtesy of NBA 2K23

The Block

The Block is what NBA 2K23 likes to call the “mecca of all competition”, and quite literally. This will be the place where you can find all of the competitions you can play in competitively encompassed in one single feature know as the ‘The Block’. Here are the modes The Block will include:

  • The Theater (all-new for NBA 2K23)
  • Pro-Am (an all-new building featuring 3v3 and 5v5 experiences)
  • The REC (an all-new building exterior and interior)
  • Ante-Up
  • Club 2K
  • Black Lives Matter court (new design and now a 3v3 experience)
  • Kobe Court (new design and now a 3v3 experience)

The Theater

The Theatre
The Theater – Curtesy of NBA 2K23

In NBA 2K23, the Theater will be replacing what we knew as the Warehouses in previous NBA 2K installments, and definitely for the better. Warehouses used to be scattered all over the city but now, there’s one central hub to delve into instant, matchmaking game modes. Much like a theater experience, fans will be able to enter a lobby and select the theater or auditorium they’re ready to play in.

However, one of the best parts of this new feature, is the complete swap outs of the four event playlist that will take place every Friday (Pacific Time). In other words, every Friday you’ll receive four new events in the playlist, with each week providing a whole different experience for you to delve into and enjoy. With launch less than three days out, NBA 2K23 has already provided us with the Week 1 events:

Week 1 Four Event Playlist
  • Theater 1: Loser’s Out – A 2v2 experience where you can come alone or bring a friend with you. The only catch is that the opposing team gets possession after made baskets.
  • Theater 2: Hustle – A 3v3 experience where you can come alone or bring your friends. This mode features a 12-second shot clock to keep a non-stop lightning pace of play.
  • Theater 3: Comp: Squads Only – A 3v3 experience where you bring your own crew. Comp modes bring competitive game tuning to the table where only the strongest will survive.
  • Theater 4: Rooks: No Squads – A 3v3 experience where squads aren’t allowed. A great place to level up your MyPLAYER; the only players allowed entrance are those rated 75 and under.

In addition, NBA 2K23 does have a few additional events in store for fans that they will release throughout the year. Let’s take a look:

Events To Expect This Year
  • Double or Nothing: Earn Double XP when you win. Losing teams earn 0. 
  • In The Bank: Shut down your opponent and a point is added to the vault. First team to hit a shot from beyond the arc will collect the current balance. Bring your perimeter defenders here!
  • Pulling Weight: Every player on the team must contribute towards their offense equally (more on this one when the time comes!)
  • Living The Dream: Your MyPLAYER will play to their true potential.  Attributes and badges are maxed for that build during this event.

Dreamville Studio

Dreamville Studio – Curtesy of NBA 2K23

The Dreamville Studio is a really neat new feature. With pursuing a career in hip-hop/rap being a side hustle option in NBA 2K23, gamers will now have a chance to meet and work with J. Cole in the game.

However, there’s a catch to it. It’s crucial that when you use your MyPLAYER, that you befriend Dreamville artists like Bas, who can help you connect with the Grammy-nominated artist himself. This gives you a real life feeling for what it takes to meet someone who has such a high profile.

The Arena

The Arena
The Arena – Curtesy of NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23’s ‘Arena’ is everything you’re looking for when it comes to preparing your MyPLAYER for the NBA. In other words, its the new location where you’ll play your MyCAREER games but also where everything outside of the game will transpire as well.

From walking into the exclusive ‘Player’s Only’ entrances, to getting the chance to flex your new style in front of photographers, to completing side quests and press conferences, the Arena has elevated the NBA experience to another level and provides an all new feel for what it’s like to be in the NBA.

The Event Center

The Event Center comes with a fresh design and new level of flair. With plenty of returning events set to take place, NBA 2K23 intends to introduce new events as well as awesome prizes worth competing for.

A big part of that flair is how fans will know it’s event time. When an event gets announced, a transformation of the building will take place as it grows into its full size, and along with it, a full fireworks show will be going on as well.

There’s lots of events that NBA 2K23 will release this year, including events that are partnered with the 2K League.

Jordan Building

The Jordan Challenge Building is back and with a snazzy new design that glows a signature red at night fall. This building will provide you with an easy-access portal that will allow players to participate in the Jordan Challenge game mode. If you complete all 15 challenges, you will get the following three items your player can rock in The City:

  • UNC Michael Jordan jersey for your MyPLAYER
  • Gold Jumpman necklace for your MyPLAYER
  • No. 23-emblazoned calf sleeve that provides a +1 boost to your MyPLAYER’s Dunk rating


This year, NBA 2K23 decided to stick with last years formula and just enhance it with a better user experience. To go with a fresh set of rewards, and a lot of them, fans will be able to access all new content and do so with no additional costs. More is yet to be announced about Seasons, particularly in preparation for Season 1.

The City In NBA 2K22

The City in NBA 2K22 was a site to behold. It provided an engaging experience with how much it granted you to customize and improve your player. Going above and beyond with their new graphics, diverse selection of game modes, and fun challenges to complete, NBA 2K22 delivered the best next-gen neighborhood experience to date.

Let’s go over the new features that NBA 2K22 provided.

The Old Gym - The City NBA 2K22
Curtesy of NBA 2K22

Detailed Imagery

One of the most prominent new aspects of The City in NBA 2K22, was the visual feel of the neighborhood. From the way the lighting hit off buildings to the picturesque monuments located throughout The City layout, the goal for NBA 2K was to create an experience that brought their MyCAREER online realm to life and they managed to do just that.

New Locations

A big part of why NBA 2K22 was so successful with The City last year, was because of how many layers it provided for gamers to explore. They added new types of NPC’s such as baristas, reporters, hip-hop/rap artists, and a handful of former NBA players. This brought a new level of engagement and expansion to the things you could do and achieve in the neighborhood.


Becoming a Legend in ‘Seasons’ took time but NBA 2K22 made it worth it. Though NBA 2K22 did require fans to reach level 40 in four different seasons to become a Legend, it didn’t have to be consecutive and the slew of new rewards gamers would get for completing each season, was extensive. In addition, Seasonal XP made leveling up much easier and catered a better user experience.

Style & Fashion

The NBA is big on style and fashion as many players have illustrated in the past. So NBA 2K22 went the extra mile with bringing that to life in The City. Allowing you to partner with a variety of different brands that come with merchandise discounts, NBA 2K22 added a variety of new gear and saw to it to release several apparel drops throughout the season.

Less Waiting

Probably the biggest turnoff for anyone that’s played in The City or any of the neighborhood modes previously, is waiting to get on the court. In the past, waiting would take a long time and discourage a lot of fans in the process. Well, NBA 2K22 did a much better job with that in The City by adding four new matchmaking buildings for all players around the clock.

Moreover, NBA 2K22 added new modes that would grant you a chance to improve your skills. Be it 3v3 vs A.I., 1v1 Player vs Player, or Cage Matches, the new ways to play allowed for a lot more flexibility for players to get on the courts and have fun.

NBA 2K23: The City FAQs

What is ‘The City?’

The City is the online neighborhood mode in MyCAREER that is for next-gen users only (PS5 and Xbox Series X).

What’s new in ‘The City’ in NBA 2K23?

One of the best ways to experience the authenticity of basketball culture has been through The City in MyCAREER. Here are the latest features and modes NBA 2K23 has enhanced and built on in The City this year:

1. Traversing
2. Boroughs
3. The Block
4. The Theater
5. The Arena
6. Event Center
7. Dreamville
8. Jordan
9. Seasons

When will the reveal take place for ‘The City’ in NBA 2K23?

The City reveal is scheduled for September 7th. The announcements will be made in the AM ET.

What was new in ‘The City’ in NBA 2K22?

NBA 2K22 provided an engaging experience with how much it granted you to customize and improve your player. Here are the Top 5 changes they made last year

1. Graphics
2. Locations
3. Seasons
4. Fashion
5. Waiting

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