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Amakumo Fruit Locations Genshin Impact

Here are the best Amakumo Fruit Locations in Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact 2.1 is finally here, bringing all the latest content to you Genshin lovers worldwide. The new Genshin update includes fishing, news characters and more. But one thing many players didn’t expect is the need to collect Genshin’s Amakumo fruit, which is all the rage in the Genshin world right now. This guide will take you through the Amakumo fruit locations in Genshin Impact along with what the Amakumo Fruit do.

Amakumo Fruit Locations Genshin Impact

Amakumo Fruit Genshin Impact
Here are the locations of the Genshin Impact Amakumo Fruit. Image via miHoYo.

The item is something that players can collect from Seiria Island only. The Genshin Impact Interactive Map is filled with Genshin Amakumo fruits, which you can go ahead and farm right now.

The Genshin Impact Amakumo Fruit look like a long flower that shoots from the ground. The stem is a dark purple bordering brown, with lighter blue flowers around the bulb with violet at the centre of the bulb. Depending on the individual flower, there could even be a mixture of pink and purple petals dropping down from the blueish bulb at the top of the stem.

The Amakumo Fruit Locations in Genshin Impact are scattered throughout the island of Seiria, but you’ll mainly find them around its enchanting blue forest. They typically stem from the ground but can be placed around trees and bushes to blend in with their environment.

Amakumo Fruit Locations: Amakumo Peak

It appears the best place to farm the Genshin Impact Amakumo Fruit locations is at the Amakumo Peak. The peak is surrounded by Amakumo Fruit locations, particularly around the centre of the peak and along the coast of the central part of the island. If you want to farm lots of Genshin Impact Amakumo Fruit locations really fast, this is the best farming spot out there.

What is Amakumo Fruit?

Amakumo fruit is a brand new fruit that launched alongside Genchin Impact 2.1. Genshin Impact’s Amakumo Fruit is a new fruit classed as a ‘Character Ascension Material’. All it means is the fruit is tried to the character progression more importantly for the newly release character, Baal, aka Raiden Shogun. To ascend Baal, you will need at least 100 of these fruits. It does mean you have quite a bit of grinding to do.

While the main purpose of Genchin Impact Amakumo Fruit is to improve Raiden Shogun, the item is useful for crafting materials and other Genshin Impact features. They can interact with items like the Seed Dispensary, Resonance Stone and the Wind Catcher, amongst other items. Many of these items also launched alongside Genshin Impact 2.1 update.

As you can see, the Genshin Impact Amakumo fruit is at the centre of quite a bit of content in Genshin Impact 2.1. Therefore, we recommend learning the Genshin Impact Amakumo fruit locations in Genshin Impact as soon as possible. They will certainly come in handy when you want to progress Baal or interact with the new items.

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