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NarutoUA1337 Mod Adds AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution To GTA V

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Active GTA 5 Redditor and modder NarutoUA1337 has uploaded his own mod which ports over an AMD FSR DLL library (from which source we do not know) to allow upscaling in GTA 5.

This welcome mod works by replacing the existing upscaler in the game’s settings with the FSR version. You can therefore easily access the new FSR profile settings within the Advanced Graphics Settings menu when playing the game, under Frame Scaling Mode. A very welcome convenience – thanks NarutoUA1337!

What Is AMD FSR? What Games Support FSR?

If you aren’t exactly sure what AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is then we’d recommend having a quick scan of our article which lists games with FSR support (officially) and explains the technology in layman’s terms.

Above you can see a video illustrating the visual changes the AMD FRS mod makes to GTA V.

Where Can I Get the GTA V FSR Mod?

You can download the GTA 5 FSR mod from GitHub.

Be aware that one should always take care when downloading mods (or indeed any file) from the internet. Although GitHub is a relatively trustworthy site you may want to check the source code before downloading and installing anything, read other user-provided comments, and also run a virus and malware check on the downloaded file.

Also be aware that if you’re playing GTA online there is a danger that the mod could flag anti-cheating software, potentially resulting in bans, though other tools like ReShade and ENB generally don’t trigger this so hopefully you should be fine.

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