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How To Watch AMD’s CES 2021 Live Keynote With CEO Lisa Su

Here's everything you need to know about the AMD CES 2021 keynote - hosted virtually by AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su

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  • 16:57 – Lisa starts to wrap things up…
  • 16:56 – 3rd Gen EPYC will launch later this quarter
  • 16:55 – Su brags about how EPYC beats the competition by 68%

EPYC competition

  • 16:52 – 3rd Gen AMD EPYC’s will reset the bar for data center processing 
  • 16:50 – AMD’s EPYC
  • 16:48 – Toto ends by saying Mercedes counts on AMD – helping them get the competitive edge
  • 16:46 – Wolff talks about how AMD help Mercedes improve their own performance department – pretty cool!
  • 16:45 – Lisa imagines Hamilton gearing up for a PS5 session – fair play!
  • 16:42 – Dr. Su introduces Hamilton and Wolff to discuss the brand’s sponsorship, including Hamilton’s love of gaming and PCs

amd keynote hjamilton

  • 16:40 – Lenovo CEO and Su  discuss how new technology will benefit esports enthusiasts – including ThinkPad, Thinkbook, and Thinkstation
  • 16:35 – Not a great deal of information on any new GPUs or CPUs as of yet – for PC gamers anyway. Lisa is currently discussing how AMD is helping innovate film and TV production.

amd keynote tv and film

  • 16:33 – We see how RDNA 2 architecture has improved over the previous architecture
  • 16:31 – Lisa discusses the new consoles and how AMD have provided the underlining technology for both
  • 16:30 – Gaming Time!
  • 16:28 – HP CEO and Dr. Su discuss the future for the two brands – touching on PC gaming and home computing
  • 16:25 – We get a quick glimpse of the performance of the Ryzen 5900HX….

Ryzen 5900 HX

  • 16:23 – Dr. Su discusses how the new chips will raise the bar for thin and light gaming laptops.
  • 16:21 – The new Zen 3 5000 laptop CPUs are unveiled. 

Ryzen 5000 laptop APU

  • 16:20 – Dr. Su quickly moves onto how Ryzen 5000 has affected PC gaming since their release.
  • 16:10 – Panos Panay and Lisa discuss how Microsoft and AMD will be working together for 2021 – delivering the highest performance console on the planet.

With COVID-19 still causing all kinds of chaos, CES 2021 (one of the biggest tech-based events of the year) will now be hosted virtually – I know, bummer. That said, things will try to roll along as per normal – with all the usual suspects presenting keynotes on what we can expect from another big year in technology.

As you’d expect, AMD’s keynote will be at the top of many people’s lists when prioritizing which presentations are worth watching. Luckily, the wait to see Dr. Lisa Su holding up some kind of chip is almost over. The keynote is set to hit our screens on the 12th Jan 4:00 pm UK / 11:00 am ET / 8:00 am PT. 

Here’s what we can expect:

AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su will keynote during CES 2021, presenting the AMD vision for the future of research, education, work, entertainment and gaming, including a portfolio of high-performance computing and graphics solutions.”

CES 20221 amd lisa

What To Expect From AMD CES 2021 Keynote

With AMD having nothing short of a stellar 2020, it’s hard to say what might be in store for the CES 2021 keynote. It wasn’t all that long ago that AMD was unveiling the lid on their hugely impressive RX 6000 series GPUS – not to mention their Zen 3 5000 series CPU lineup.

We can only speculate that today’s announcement will be geared more towards server chips (codename Milan) and the latest Ryzen Zen 3 5000 processors. Rumours have it that Ryzen 5000 laptop APUs (codename Cezanne) will be seen all over CES 2021 – with products starting to surface as soon as the keynote finishes.

Whilst it isn’t a guarantee, we could see AMD launch a mid-range Big Navi card – the Radeon RX 6700 XT. This will be a more affordable, consumer-friendly GPU that fits nicely alongside the 6800 XT and 6900 XT. Furthermore, with the possibility of a new Threadripper processor, AMD’s keynote could be a big hit amongst this year’s presentations.

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