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First look at the AMD Radeon RX 6000 GPU

Courtesy of a new custom Fortnite map

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We know that we won’t be getting the proper blowout on all the details of AMD’s upcoming RDNA2 based graphics card until it’s official unveiling on October 28th, but AMD is continuing to drop teases to get people interested, and perhaps with the hope of distracting from all the news about the Nvidia GeForce 30 series cards that will start releasing before then.

The latest tease is another Fortnite crossover, following on from the official AMD Battle Arena, which then featured an Easter Egg hinting that the new cards were on the way soon. Now there is a Fortnite map available that features a highly detailed virtual recreation of one of the cards from AMD’s upcoming lineup of next-generation GPUs, which we suspect is the 6900XT.

This rather ominous looking giant floating graphics card can be seen in Forntite’s Creative Island, with code “8651-9841-1639”. And if you’re wondering what it looks like: It looks like a graphics card.

There are a few details here that we can glean some interesting information from. They are sticking to the standard 2×8-pin ATX power connectors, rather than going for something different like Nvidia’s new 12-pin design.

The triple axial fan design is nice, and shows that they are listening to feedback regarding all their previous blower fan coolers. Hopefully, these fans should keep these cards running relatively cool and quiet under load, but will probably require some decent case fans to get the hot air out of the system. Previous generation flagship cards from AMD instead used a single blower design, which wasn’t as effective for cooling the cards, but would dump hot air outside the case.

We think that this card is built with a metal backplate, although it’s hard to tell just from looking at this virtual recreation of it.

One question we have is what exactly the USB-C port on the card is for. It could simply be for conveniently connecting to USC-C capable displays, or it could be specifically designed for use with VR headsets. This is something that we’re going to be looking out for more information on when these cards are officially revealed.

Our best guess is that this is probably the flagship card from the Radeon RX 6000 lineup, and tech YouTuber JayzTwoCents says that he believes that the specific model of this card is the 6900XT.

Which seems entirely feasible to us, it looks roughly like what we’d expect from such a card. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the developments related to AMD’s new lineup of components.


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