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ASUS Release Windows 11 Compatible Motherboards (TPM 2.0 Support)

ASUS unveil list of Windows 11 compatible motherboards that includes all boards with TPM 2.0 support.

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There has been plenty of speculation in the past few days surrounding what hardware will and will not be compatible with Microsoft’s new Windows 11 operating system. Microsoft obviously dropped the TPM 2.0 bombshell last week, sending Windows users into a crazed frenzy, researching what TPM was, whether their PC supports TPM, and how to enable TPM 2.0 in BIOS.

Luckily, manufacturers have picked up on this, and have already started listing compatible motherboards to try and make your life that little bit easier. The first to do it seems to be ASUS, posting a comprehensive list of motherboards that will indeed support Windows 11 and TPM support.

ASUS has also recently updated its FAQs to include answers for Windows 11 motherboard compatibility.

ASUS Windows 11 Compatible Motherboards

Before we go over the list of compatible motherboards, it’s worth touching on the disclaimer ASUS released alongside the list:

Windows 11 has not been officially released and there might be stability issues with the Insider Preview build as it has not passed formal hardware validation and qualification. The installation or upgrade to the Windows 11 Insider Preview or any third-party software is done at your own discretion and risk. You will be solely responsible for any damage to your system or loss of data that results from that activity. ASUS will not be liable for any losses and damages in connection with the use of Windows 11.”

This is often the case with any new major operating system upgrade, so don’t be too alarmed. Chances are, by the time Windows 11 is properly released, many of the bugs and compatibility issues will have been ironed out.

With that in mind, here is a list of all the TPM 2.0 supported ASUS motherboards:

Intel platformAMD platform
C621 SeriesWRX80 Series
C422 SeriesTRX40 Series
X299 SeriesX570 Series
Z590 SeriesB550 Series
Q570 SeriesA520 Series
H570 SeriesX470 Series
B560 SeriesB450 Series
H510 SeriesX370 Series
Z490 SeriesB350 Series
Q470 SeriesA320 Series
H470 Series
B460 Series
H410 Series
W480 Series
Z390 Series
Z370 Series
H370 Series
B365 Series
B360 Series
H310 Series
Q370 Series
C246 Series

As you can see from the list above, ASUS has a tonne of motherboards that support Windows 11 compatibility – for both Intel and AMD processors. You can check our complete Windows 11 CPU compatibility list here.

Why Do I Need TPM 2.0 Support?

This has been the big talking point over the last couple of weeks and it’s easy to see why. In Microsoft’s Windows 11 System requirements, it clearly states that TPM 2.0 is a base requirement for Windows 11. However, not every motherboard supports TPM 2.0 – exactly what brands like ASUS are publishing compatibility lists.

TPM 2.0 ensures full compatibility with BitLocker and SecureBoot for Windows 11. It’s a secure cryptoprocessor that is internationally recognized by all computers – albeit disabled by default on most major motherboards which does cause issues with the installation of Windows 11. Whether or not TPM 2.0 will be a requirement come the official release date is yet to be seen, however, it has certainly caused a stir in numerous forums.

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