Best Gaming Houses

Getting signed to an esports organization is a lot of competitive gamers dream or future goal and who can blame them, right? As if a salary and bonuses weren’t enough, a lot of top-level pro gamers often have the benefit of the organization’s gamer house to live and train in. Imagine living in a gamer-friendly house full of your teammates getting paid to play your favorite game, train, and stream. Bliss.

As mentioned, team housing is popular amongst the top-level teams as many feel it can give you a competitive edge over your opponents. While it is hard not to envy these pro-gamers and their constant LAN parties, we should remember they are working hard to achieve more in their respective games.

So, What is a Gaming House?

Professional esports is more competitive now than ever before, with players doing everything they can to be the best they can possibly be. There is more to a gaming house than just improving aim and reaction times, esports teams employ management staff, analysts, and coaches to support players. The support staff can help with gaming schedules, training sessions, and strategy, helping with the overall goal of success. 

Let’s have a look at some of the present and past team houses to see which organization has the best gaming crib!

MIBR Gaming House

MIBR (Made in Brazil) is a Counter-Strike Global Offensive team owned by the esports organization Immortals. MIBR currently have a full Brazilian lineup with the core of the team previously playing for SK Gaming. The guys at MIBR regularly compete in the USA so naturally, have a team house based in California.

Cloud9 Gaming House


Cloud9 are a huge organization from North America fielding teams in over ten different esports titles. The organization has gained over $2m in prize pot payouts and continues to be a popular organization in esports. The org has a few team houses for a variety of games keeping that team bonding factor without overcrowding the house. We see a dated Cloud9 lineup, but the video gives us a good insight into what it is like being a top 20 CS: GO team.

Envy Gaming House

Team Envy, formerly known as Envyus, is an American esports organization competing in seven different titles. Although current living situations are different now, the old French CS: GO lineup had one hell of a gamer house back in 2016. The core of that team is currently playing for Vitality, but the large house in Nice was excellent.

Gaming House Or Gaming Office?

It is not uncommon now for esports organizations to be moving over to gaming offices from the gaming house model. These gaming offices are also known as training facilities, and it is a more professional sporting approach to esports, which has brought about some very cool places to play those games. With the gaming office model, you will have players living locally and commuting to the gaming office like they would a typical job. This way has the benefits of professionalism and giving the players a bit more personal space. Now, if they don’t want to spend every last second of the day with their teammates with some counterproductive sleeping arrangements, they don’t need to.


Team Liquid’s Alienware Training Facility

Team Liquid has grown from strength to strength over recent years bringing in some serious prize money from domination across a selection of esports titles. In this modern facility, we see “war rooms” dedicated to their main esports teams for a bit of extra privacy. The thing that took us by surprise was the Team Liquid kitchen. That’s right, a dedicated chef whipping up dishes for the gamers! Alienware has teamed up with Liquid to create an esports heaven that will get you chomping at the bit for some gaming.

NIP Gaming Office/ House

NIP (Ninjas in Pajamas) currently have five professional esports teams, and we get taken around by a CS: GO Pro in the video of their new gaming office. There does seem to be living quarters also at this facility, which is a great addition, but whether the CS: GO players actually stay there is unknown. The Swedish org appears to have moved towards the office/ facility approach, which we see a lot of top organizations do.

Astralis Gaming Office

Astralis is a CS: GO only organization from Denmark and is one of the more successful teams of the last two years with a serious amount of silverware. We get taken round the facility by Dupreeh (one of the players), showing us everything from training rooms to the day to day work areas that help promote the brand or create new content for the organization. While this office appears more like a traditional office working space when compared to Liquid’s crazy training facility, it does have one very interesting feature, and that is its guest gaming room. Astralis will invite other top teams to come and Bootcamp for practice offline, which not a lot of teams can afford to do.

Na’Vi Gaming Facility

Na’Vi (Natus Vincere) is one of the top organizations in the world hailing from Ukraine in the CES region. With seven professional esports teams and over ten years in competitive esports, it is no surprise we see them with a cool gaming office.