Check Out The New Story Trailer For Upcoming Fantasy Dogfighting RPG “The Falconeer”

If you’ve ever fancied soaring the skies of a somber watery world on a falcon armed to the teeth, then The Falconeer might be just the ticket.

Developed by modder-turned-developer, Tomas Sala, and published by Wired Productions, The Falconeer is an upcoming ‘airborne ocean-world fantasy RPG’ headed for PC and Xbox One later this year. There’s no word on a firm release window right now, but there are murmurs that a November release is likely.

The Falconeer drops players into a gorgeous fantasy world teeming with wondrous locations begging for explorations known as the Ursee. There’s acrobatic third-person dogfights, warring factions, and elusive secrets to decrypt hidden below the waves. The name gives it away, but you take control of a falcon with a massive wing-span that can deliver swift ranged attacks on a variety of other airborne creatures and airships while performing a dizzying array of aerial twists and turns.

A new story trailer has dropped, offering a sneak peek at a few of the narrative beats underpinning The Falconeer’s intriguing world. Chiefly, the trailer reveals the Seachantress (from what I can gather, she’s a bleak take on the classic fairy godmother trope), who’ll guide the player on their adventures across the Ursee while dropping some big hints about the world’s secrets.

The trailer also features new gameplay footage extracted from The Falconeer’s opening chapter, which showcases the titular falconeer taking on pirates and airships. There’s also a brief look at the Maw, a canyon of water that wraps around the game’s world, and the three rival faction settlements intent on unearthing Ursee hidden secrets first.

As the press release penned for the occasion explains:

“The first of these settlements is the Saladmount, a place devoted to harvesting wood-like material from the giant fungal seatrees, which is used as an ultra-light building material. Next is the Shard, home to one of the most important Noble houses in the game, House Borgia, which is a place of sharp, imposing rock features. The third is the Imperial Harbour, the largest city of the Ursee and the Royal seat atop Imperial Peak.”

As an exercise in setting the mood, the trailer hits the spot, and it’s difficult to feign indifference when stealing a look at the compelling world the one-person dev team of Tomas Sala has pieced together.

Wired Productions says we can expect to hear more about The Falconeer in the months ahead, notably additional content and updates on the state of development.