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Discord Snowgiving has surprisingly changed Discord sounds for channels today

On the first day of Christmas, Discord gave to me...

Updated: Dec 7, 2021 12:11 am
Discord Snowgiving has surprisingly changed Discord sounds for channels today

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Update: Discord has removed the new Christmas Discord sounds. Restart your Discord and you should find the noises are gone.

I’ve just got home from work and what is happening? I thought my friends were trolling me; it turns out it is just Discord. Apparently, I missed the memo that it is Discord Snowgiving, a wintery themed Discord modification with some funny (yet cursed) Discord sound effects. Whenever you join or leave a voice channel, you get new Discord join sound effects, rather than the iconic ‘ba dum’ noise. It also accompanies a new Discord leaving sound.

What is Discord Snowgiving?

As part of Discord’s winter celebration, the developers behind Discord are giving us some wintery surprises, it seems today, December 06, is all about Discord sounds. Who knows what is on the other side of the Discord Christmas calendar.

As it stands, Discord has published somewhat of a calendar for the Discord Snowgiving event. If today was all about new Discord sound effects, then tomorrow we might get a new look, new icons, new emotes who knows? Luckily, we do have an idea of what to expect to a  very vague degree.

On December 7, everyone gets a surprise, though we are not sure what that means. Meanwhile, Nitro members get a gift, which is yet to be confirmed.  The surprises for everyone continue every day all the way until December 13. Nitro members also get bonus gifts on December 10 and 12.

Newe and annoying Discord sounds are not the only surprise we got on December 6. The new charity merch store is open, with Discord-themed clothing, hoodies, beanies, and a Discord color palette-themed keyboard. Discord is currently tracking the sale of up to $200,000. Discord and gamers have already raised $120k, which seems to be updating in minute intervals at the time of writing. The 200k charity goal will no doubt get reached by the end of the day.

Love it or hate it, this new Discord Snowgiving is lasting until December 13. Presumingly it will go back to the normal Discord, but that might be the final surprise – it won’t. What in Krampus’ name did we do to deserve that possible fate?

If you’re interested in reading more about the new Discord Snowgiving and new Discord sounds, head over to the official website, which we have linked to here.

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