How To Use Discord

We Summarise Everything You Need To Know About Discord And How To Use It In One Place

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Discord is a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) communication software that has taken the world by storm. Originally focused just towards gamers, the platform’s audience has widened to the point it is now a general purpose communication tool, used by all kinds of social groups, workplaces, and educational institutions. You can learn more about When Discord Was Made, Who Owns Discord, and How Discord Makes Money in our individual guides.

The Discord app is free to use in it’s basic form, though it has a premium subscription option called Discord Nitro that enhances your user experience in various ways. Read our article on Discord Nitro to see if it’s worth it for you.

Whilst Discord is quite a user-friendly platform once you get to grips with it, the amount of features can be a bit overwhelming initially. We’ve brought together all of our How-To articles, explaining the different features of the software, all on this very page and split them into subcategories for ease of navigation.

How To Download And Install Discord

Which Platforms Support Discord?

Discord can be downloaded and installed from the Discord website for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. The functionality is similar across all of these platforms.

Discord can technically also be used on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, but the features are so limited it is questionable whether it is even worth bothering. Voice chat and message sending is disabled on the console versions, and the only real advantage to it is that your friends who are also on Discord will be notified as to what game you’re playing, in case they want to join in.

Creating A Discord Account

Setting up a Discord account is fairly self-explanatory, all you need is an email address to link it to. Once you have done so, take a look at our Beginners Guide on Discord to get your bearings. You can also find out How To Delete Your Discord Account if you decide that the platform isn’t for you after all.

How To Use Discord Servers

Discord servers are the basic structure of how online communities are organised. They are completely free to set up and as the server owner you get to control who may join your server, what permissions they have (chiefly determined by their “role” – see below), and have the power to ban people from your server, should you wish. Within a server you set up Discord channels, which are sort of like separate rooms in which people can either communicate via text, images, video or voice chat.

Although servers are free to set up, discord server boosting from members (essentially a monthly paid subscription) can accumulate to “level up” your server and thereby unlock better audio quality, higher upload limits for members, improved streaming quality, new emojis, and other cosmetic improvements. See the below guides for further information on all these subjects.

How To Make And Delete A Discord Server

What Is A Discord Server Boost And Is It Worth It?

How To Report Someone On Discord

How To Report A Discord Server

How To Use Discord Roles

“Roles” in Discord are basically ways to give different people in a server different powers and functionality. More trusted or active server members can be given additional privileges, and less trusted individuals can even have certain permissions restricted. Read our guides below for further information on Discord roles and how to add them.

How To Add Roles In Discord

How To Use Discord Bots

Bots are automated applications that you can add to a Discord server to improve functionality and user experience. Most of them typically respond to basic commands that you can type into a Discord channel whilst logged into a server. Read the below guides to learn all you need to know about Discord bots.

Discord Bots Explained – A List Of The Best

How To Make A Discord Bot

How To Add A Music Bot To Discord

Other Discord How-Tos

There are a myriad of different things you can do on the Discord platform. Take a look at the following guides to educate yourself on some of the other functions we haven’t already mentioned in this guide, help to improve your own Discord experience and that of the wider server, and impress your online friends with your tech wizardry!

Discord Text Formatting: Bold, Color, Italic, Strikethrough

How To Turn Off Discord Overlay

How To Connect Spotify To Your Discord

How To Disable Discord’s Reaction Feature

How To Record Discord Audio

How To Screen Share on Discord

How To Stream On Discord Using “Go Live

How To Protect Your Privacy With Discord Streamer Mode

How To Make Discord Emotes

How To Add Emojis To Discord


Discord Troubleshooting

Like any piece of online communication technology, Discord does experience the occasional technical gremlin. Below are an assortment of the typical issues people may have with the platform from time to time, and how to resolve them. We will be keeping this list updated with all the latest guides on how to resolve technical issues as they arise.

Discord Won’t Open

Discord Not Updating

Discord Mic Not Working

Discord Screen Share No Audio Error

Can’t Hear People In Discord

Discord Javascript Error

Discord No Router Error

Discord RTC Connecting Error


This has been our guide on how to use the Discord app. We hope it has been useful for you. Please let us know if you’d like to see any specific guides on other subjects not listed here and we will see what we can do to create them. We will be keeping this page updated with all our new articles as we write them, so watch this space!