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What Is A Discord Server Boost And Is it Worth It?

We take a look over the benefits of server boosting for the Discord App and investigate if it is worth your money

Updated: Jul 18, 2022 4:16 pm
Discord Nitro Server Boost


Discord server boosting is a way to improve the audio quality and streaming quality, as well as increase the upload limit and number of emojis you can use on a specific Discord server. It requires you to pay a monthly subscription which stack up from different users to unlock new levels and features.Whether it is worth it depends if the above features are of interest to you, though you may find purchasing Discord Nitro first to be more cost effective.

Discord is the world’s most popular gaming chat platform. The platform has voice chat, video call, text chat, and video streaming capability, though the streaming functionality is much more limited compared to dedicated services such as Twitch. The base version of Discord comes as a free app available for pc, mac, and mobile, simply requiring you to download the software and create an account.

For people who want to unlock additional features on Discord however for either themselves or their favorite servers, there are various payment options available. ‘Boosting’ is the Discord term for upgrading. You can use ‘Nitro boosts’ to upgrade your own account, giving you additional perks for every server you are a member of. Take a look at our article on Discord Nitro to learn more about this feature. ‘Server boosts’, as you might expect, apply to specific servers only, but improve the experience for everyone in the server and are a great way to contribute to an online community, either for a server you own or one you are an active member of.

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How Server Boosting Works

Server boosting works in an accumulative manner where a certain number of server boosts is needed to unlock certain levels that provide benefits. A single server boost on its own does not do anything. The bonus each level brings can be broadly categorized as either performance or cosmetic improvements. Below is a list of each Server Boost Level, the required number of boosts needed to reach it, and the benefits each level brings.

Standard Discord Server Features

  • Up to 50 emojis
  • 64Kbps – 96Kbps audio quality
  • 720p 30fps screensharing and “Go Live” streaming

First Level Discord Server Boost (requires 2 boosts: i.e. $9.98 per month)

  • +50 additional emojis (for a total of 100)
  • Custom Server Invite Background
  • Animated Server Icon
  • 128 Kbps audio quality
  • 720p 60fps screen sharing and “Go Live” streaming
  • Note that the boost requirement for this level can be purchased through spending the same amount of money on a Discord Nitro subscription, which comes with 2 boosts in addition to the other benefits of the subscription, as well as a 30% reduction to the cost of all further server boosts purchased.

Second Level Discord Server Boost (requires 15 boosts: i.e. $74.85 per month)

  • Everything from the First Level
  • +50 additional emojis (for a total of 150)
  • Server Banner
  • 256Kbps audio quality
  • 1080p 60fps screen sharing and “Go Live” streaming
  • 50mb upload limit for all members on the server (for use in the server)

Third Level Discord Server Boost (requires 30 boosts: i.e. $149.70 per month)

  • Everything from Second Level
  • 384Kbps audio quality
  • 100MB upload limit
  • Vanity URL which some businesses might want this to look more professional

Is Server Boosting Worth It?

Ultimately whether server boosting is worth it or not is largely subjective. If you’re not an active member of a server, and purely used Discord to play games with a small group of friends, then you may wish to save your money; if however, you are part of a clan or online community focused around a server, then boosting can be a great way to contribute to ‘the greater good’. Besides the cosmetic extras you get for each level, the improved audio quality, streaming quality, and upload limit does give practical benefits.

If you do intend to purchase two or more server boosts, we would definitely recommend buying Discord Nitro, which comes with two server boosts for the same cost as if you were to buy them separately, not to mention a 30% reduction to the cost of all further server boosts purchased.

Discord Server Boost FAQs

Is discord server boost permanent?

No, Discord server boosts are not a permanent fix to a problem. When purchased, they are only intended to be used as a temporary solution to buff a server.

When you purchase a server boosting subscription, this will improve the server until the server boost is cancelled. Being a subscription, the payment for the boost is taken each month.

If you were to keep the server booster then technically it would be a permanent solution to the problem. However, it is not a one time purchase and can quickly become expensive.

There is currently no option to purchase a permanent server boost, which many users would benefit from. When a person is a Nitro member, they are able to boost one server for seven days, which is useful.

Can you take back a boost on discord?

If you have accidentally purchased a boost on Discord, it is useful to know what Discord’s refund policy is. When it comes to refunds, Discord is pretty good with this.

However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. If you are in need of a refund for the Nitro and Servers, there is a one-time refund exception. Given this, if you are asking for a refund on more than one occasion, this will not be honored.

This is why it is important to ensure that you cancel the subscription in sufficient time
before the next payment is taken.

In addition to this, the refund will only be made if it is within the first five days of purchasing the boost. If it is after this date, the refund will not be processed. However, it is always worth getting in touch with Discord regarding this, as there may be some exceptions to this rule.

Do discord server owners make money from boosts?

No, as it currently stands, server owners do not make money from boosts. While this can be slightly disheartening to hear, they will receive benefits from the boost itself.

For example, by purchasing a boost, their server is better on the whole. It will be faster, and the connection will be better. In addition to this, they will receive additional benefits from the boost too.
When you take into consideration that Nitro Boost is a paid for service, while Discord will make some profit from this, the server owners will not. If Discord were to pay server owners a small perfect age of the commission, their profits would be very low, which is likely why they do not do this.

Instead, the server owners gain the benefits from the boost. It is worth noting that it is not always the server owners who pay for this subscription.

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