How to Delete Discord Account

There are a number of different reasons why you would want to finally hang your theoretical Discord boots up. You may have decided that Discord just isn’t the VOIP for you anymore. A more believable story, however, is that you got so angry with that CT who landed one of the most brutal 180 degrees flying Deagle headshots on you that you decided you better pack in gaming before you went completely insane. Well, maybe that one is just unique to me, who knows.

The point is, whatever the reason, this guide is going to walk you through exactly how to delete your account for good!


Permanently Deleting Your Discord Account

If you want to delete your Discord account fully, then we need to do a bit of prep work beforehand. Especially if you are a server owner. You’ll firstly need to either delete your server or transfer the ownership to someone else. If you try to delete your account before doing this, you will encounter an error message asking you to do the aforementioned tasks.

Once you’ve either deleted your server or passed on the ownership to someone else, you can start the deletion process. You need to follow these steps in order to delete your Discord account:Discord delete 2 1

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User Settings > My Account > Edit > Delete Account

Once you click on delete, you will be prompted to enter your password to finalize the process.Discord delete 1

After you enter your password, Discord will further ask you to enter the six-digit 2FA code and then press delete for one last time. This is the last chance to turn back, once you press delete here, there is no going back. So choose wisely. But yeah, it’s as easy as that; deleting your account.

Why Delete Discord Though?

There are a tonne of people that have deleted Discord because of technical difficulties. Maybe before you decide to totally give up on Discord, you should have a look through some of our articles below which solve some of the most common Discord problems. Alternatively, check out our How To Use Discord mega article for a full list of all our guides on the software.

Closing Thoughts

That’s pretty much all there is to it. Deleting your Discord account is extremely simple and easy to do. The best part about deleting your account though is that you can always remake the account if you need to use it again. 

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