How To Report Someone On Discord

The quick and easy way to report a Discord user if they're continuously breaking Discord guidelines or server rules

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Discord has quickly grown to be one of the biggest – if not the biggest – VOIP services the internet has to offer. It grew to popularity after IRC became redundant and gamers across the globe needed somewhere to find games, chat with friends, and communicate whilst playing competitive gaming titles.

With such a large following, Discord has implemented a handy “report” feature that allows users to report other users to Discord moderators and server admins. Whilst this may be a straightforward act for some individuals, it can also be a tricky process for some less technically-savvy users.

For that reason, we’ll be going over the easiest and quickest ways to report users on Discord in today’s article.

Let’s dive into it!

Report A User Or Server On Discord

Like any process within Discord, there are certain steps that need to be taken in order to successfully report a server or user on Discord. However, before we take a closer look at that method, let’s take a quick look at some of the guidelines that Discord has put in place for its users.

Whether the user is harassing, spamming, threatening, or simply being abusive, the following guidelines will ensure that your report is justified.


How To Report Someone On Discord


Check If A User Or Server On Discord Is Breaking Guidelines

If you report someone who is not breaking the following guidelines, chances are no action will be taken - not by an official Discord admin anyway. Underneath are Discords community guidelines, outlining everything you can not say/do whilst using a Discord server:

  • No harassing other Discord users
  • No hate speech
  • No violent or threatening harm to Discord users
  • No evading server blocks or user bans
  • No distribution of viruses
  • No sharing of content which depicts minors in a sexual way
  • No sharing of gore images
  • No running of servers that organize violent extremism, the selling or dangerous goods, or promoting hacking or piracy

The list actually goes on, but for the most part, this pretty much covers most bases of what you can and can't do on Discord.

If you report an individual whose messages don't fall into one of these categories, then chances are no action will be taken and you should not report them directly to Discord.

Instead, speak to the Discord server admins/moderators who have the power to ban/suspend a user from using that specific channel.


Turn On Developer Mode And Find ID Codes

Unfortunately, the reporting process for Discord isn't as straight forward as some might think. You can't just click on the user's name and select report - Discord makes things a little harder than that.

First, you'll have to find a couple of ID codes that Discord's investigatory team can use to see the offending messages. To enable you to find these codes, there are a few simple steps that must be taken.

Start by selecting the settings gear found at the bottom of the Discord channel and find the "Appearance" tab.

Apperance Tab

Inside the Appearance tab, scroll down until you see a switch labeled "Developer Mode" and toggle it on.

Once you have toggled this feature on, you'll be able to collect the IDs needed by Discord's investigation team.

Developer mode


Copying The Relevant ID Codes

So, once developer mode is enabled, simply follow these three steps to ensure the correct IDs are captured.

Start by copying the offender's ID. Simply right-click the user's name and click the Copy ID button. Once copied, I recommend pasting the ID in a notepad and labeling it "User ID". Copy User ID

Once you've copied the User ID, the next step is to find the ID of the offending message. Follow the same steps as above, right-clicking the message and selecting copy ID.

After this, the last ID you'll need to copy is the server ID - giving the Discord team the server ID, user ID, and the message ID.

Copy Server ID 2


Send Your Report Via Trust & Safety Request

Once you have all the relevant IDs, the only thing left to do is to send your report to Discord via their Trust & Safety request center. This will require you to enter your email address, choose a report type, select a specific subject, and give a brief description of the report and broken guidelines. You will need to paste all the ID codes into the description box to allow the team to find the unique offender. Furthermore, if you think screenshots will aid in the understanding of the situation, feel free to add any attachments at the bottom.

Send report


Reporting A Discord User On iOS

For users using iOS, the reporting process is a whole lot easier - requiring hardly any of the steps needed to report someone using the desktop app. 

All you need to do when reporting someone on iOS is to hold your finger down on the top of the message that is breaking Discord’s guidelines, and select “report” from the list of options available. 

Unlike the desktop process, you don't have to give any ID codes, no reasoning, and no subject matter. Simply click "report" and it will be sent directly to Discord. Whilst this method is a lot easier, it leads me to believe that the chances of any repercussions happening are fairly slim. 

That being said, Discord’s support team say they look at all reported users, including iOS reports as well. If no action is taken, you do have the option to send a direct message to “[email protected]”, explaining your situation and why you feel someone should be penalized. 

If you plan to take this approach, I would recommend accompanying the email with some screenshots backing up your claims.


How To Un-report Someone On Discord

Finally, if you accidentally report the wrong person, or have a complete change of heart, you can always revoke your report - albeit a tedious process. If you want to un-report a user, simply speak to one of the Discord support members directly via their Discord Twitter page - you can send them a message stating why you would like to revoke your report there. 

As you do this, always make sure to include your email address associated with your Discord account so they can track the report you have made. Accidental reports are quite rare, but if you feel that the user’s messages didn’t actually break guidelines, it’s a great way of saving the Discord support team some valuable time.


So this has been our guide on how to report someone on Discord. Just remember, filing a false report is a violation of Discord’s terms of service in itself. So, always make sure that any reports you file are valid and stand up when put to the test by one of the Discord support members. If you have any other queries relating to the Discord app in general, check out our How To Use Discord page for a full list of all our guides on the subject.