D&D Video Games: Baldur’s Gate III, Dark Alliance, And More!

Upcoming DD Video Games

It’s no secret that Dungeons and Dragons has seen something of a resurgence in the last few years.  Now in its fifth edition, this TTRPG (or tabletop role-playing game to the uninitiated) has more fans and players than ever before. And this surge in popularity has not gone unnoticed in the gaming world. In fact, there are several upcoming D&D video games to look forward to.

Thanks to its growing appearance in mainstream media in shows such as Stranger Things and The Big Bang Theory, as well as well-known streaming shows such as Critical Role and Rivals of Waterdeep, D&D is able to reach a wider audience than ever before. Pair this with it’s simplified 5th edition ruleset, and it’s no surprise that this game has become the new favorite kid in the playground.

D&D aficionados will hold fond memories of games like the original Baldur’s Gate, and this announcement that we’ll be gifted with even more awesome D&D video games in the near future is rather enticing. As an avid D&D player myself, as well as a big gamer - I’m excited to see what the next few years bring us by tying these two pastimes together.

Baldur’s Gate III

One of the most anticipated D&D video games is, of course, Baldur’s Gate III. While we still don’t have a solid release date, we know it’s in the works and on its way to us thanks to some pretty in-depth looks at its gameplay.

Baldur’s Gate has long been a traditional locale for D&D games - both tabletop and video. And many gamers will still hold fond memories of playing through earlier versions of the game. I still remember spending countless unnecessary hours making sure I’d explored every, single, area on that map.

This latest addition is being helmed by Larian, the team responsible for bringing us Divinity: Original Sin - so expectations are already pretty high. Thankfully, we’ve been treated to multiple trailers as well as gameplay footage, so it’s easy to feel the hype. 

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D&D Dark Alliance

Another upcoming D&D video game on the cards in D&D Dark Alliance. This time, instead of Baldur’s Gate, we’re heading to the North of the Sword Coast and Icewind Dale. This game follows the story of some of D&D’s most popular and well-known characters in the form of Drizzt Do’Urden and co.

If you’re not familiar with that name, Drizzt is a dark-elf Ranger that first appeared in a series of books by R. A. Salvatore that have now become an official part of D&D lore. Such a part of official lore that this game is actually being developed in-house at Wizard’s of the Coast (the company behind D&D). 

While the trailer for this title has left many fans, myself included, wondering what the hell the marketing team were thinking, seeing these old-school characters in action was kind of cool. We don’t yet have any gameplay footage to base our opinions on, we just have to hope the POV is not like it is in the trailer.

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More D&D Video Games?

But, that’s not all when it comes to D&D video games. In an interview late last year, Wizard’s of the Coast’s president Chris Cocks revealed that they are actually planning “seven or eight” separate titles in the near future. Don’t expect these all to be big-budget console or PC games though. We’re more likely to see some similar fare to Champions of the Forgotten Realms and other quickplay mobile titles to come out alongside a few heavy-hitters. 

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