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Elgato Key Light Mini revealed: price, where to buy & more

Small light, big impact.

Updated: Feb 10, 2022 3:33 pm
Elgato Key Light Mini revealed: price, where to buy & more

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Looking to upgrade your streaming setup? Hot on the heels of the Elgato Stream Deck Pedal, they have announced yet another peripheral which is sure to help you step up your game whenever you use your webcam online, whether that be if you’re streaming, or if you’re a video conferencing connoisseur. The Key Light mini assists users with a portable, rechargeable solution to give your lightning more game, wherever you might need to use it. This might be great for content creators on the go, or if you’re just filming something outside and need a little extra oomph to really stand out. Its versatility and mounting options make it a shoo-in for those who are already invested in Elgato’s line of video production products.

With many ways to mount the key light Mini, it can also be controlled via WiFi through the Elgato Control Center app for all popular platforms. You can even change the brightness and colour temperature through the device itself with adjustment between 2900-7000 degrees kelvin. This means you’re never having to mess around in software that might be somewhat unreliable. You can also hook the Key Light Mini up to the Stream Deck to control it via many programmable functions.

With a peak brightness of 800 lumens, and OSRAM LEDs, the Key Light Mini helps to justify its subjectively considerable price tag because of the high-end specs that it managed to boast. The battery life lasts around four hours according to Elgato, and can even get charged in 60 minutes via USB-C, with a 15W power brick.

We can’t wait to see what else Elgato has in store for us, and the industry at large. They are doing something different to many manufacturers, and their walled garden of peripherals might cause some stir, but they are priced slightly higher than Logitech’s Litra Glow, which retails for $60. The difference is, the Key Light Mini will already be compatible with the rest of your Elgato kit.

How to use and set up the Elgato Key Light Mini

Elgato has put out a handy video guide for any would-be Key Light Mini owners, and you’re able to check it out through the video above, then, you can see if it’ll fit into your setup, and work out exactly how the device works.

Elgato Key Light Mini price and release date

The Elgato Key Light Mini will retail for $99.99 USD and £89.99 GBP, and is available now directly from Elgato’s site. This is slightly higher than competitors but will be compatible with Elgato’s ecosystem of products, including their streaming software in addition to their peripherals.

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