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GTA Definitive Edition potentially pulled due to Hot Coffee minigame

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Updated: Nov 13, 2021 1:13 pm
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Rockstar has pulled the PC version of their remasters of Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City and San Andreas from their dedicated launcher as they remove files from the game that weren’t supposed to be seen by the public.

The support team has confirmed that these files are currently being removed and the game will return for sale once this task has been completed.

What was leaked?

Data miners have called the leaked files the “Holy Grail”, as they feature not only removed music from the three titles in GTA Trilogy, but also the original developer notes in the code. These are usually cleaned up and removed before entering the public, as they might contain internal colloquialisms that might not be appropriate externally.

This includes references to glitches that they’ve fixed and notes dating back to the original development of the three games.

Most notably is the inclusion of data files relating to the infamous “Hot Coffee” mini-game in San Andreas. It was originally removed from the game, but the files remained in the initial 2004 game’s files, which were then cobbled back into the game by modders. The mini-game features the main character, CJ and a girl having sex, in which the player must control CJ.

It resulted in the game getting banned in Australia, as well as the ESRB temporarily changing the game’s age rating to an AO, Adults Only, which back in 2005, spelt death for a game.

The whole incident cost Take-Two more than $20 million in legal fees.

With the initial copies of The Definitive Edition having already sold on PC and data miners probably having made backups, it could be very possible to see The Hot Coffee Mod make a return at some point in these new versions of the game.

The game will remain down until Rockstar can be sure that every file that wasn’t initially meant to be seen can be removed from the files, with the whole Rockstar Launcher having been taken down temporarily as a last-moment resort to culling the continued leaking.

The Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Definitive Edition launched earlier this week and has been met with a semi-mixed response from fans. The updated controls and ability to play the games in quality not accessible before without mods appear to be appreciated, but the method of updating the models in-game has been met with a questionable response.

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