Meet The New ASUS ROG PG27UQX 4K/144Hz Monitor with mini-LED Technology

ASUS ROG PG27UQX 4K 144Hz Monitor

4K/144Hz monitors are few and far between, so ASUS announcing a brand new gaming model at Computex 2019 is welcome news. The new PG27UQX monitor packs a 27-inch 4K Ultra HD display with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and full HDR support.

The PG27UQX is among the first of its kind to use mini-LED tech to pack more punch into a smaller space, precisely 2304 LEDs measuring 200 - 300 µm housed in 576 zones (four per distinct zone) in this particular case. The smaller LEDs also match the brightness level of standard LED monitors with 1000 cd/m² max brightness. Equally, the mini-LED configuration draws less power, around 7% less ASUS says, meaning a cheaper monitor to run.

The result is a crisper, more uniform display with much improved HDR performance thanks to a better handle on pinpoint granular dimming with improved contrast and brightness distribution. In other words, excessive backlighting doesn't bleed over into darker zones, reducing bloom by 33% relative to the previous 4K/144Hz PG27UQ model.

The PG27UQX uses a quantum-dot IPS panel guaranteeing 178-degree visibility both horizontally and vertically alongside realistic and better-graded color output that faithfully mimics the input (ASUS claims 99% of the Adobe RGB colors space and 97% of the DCI-P3 gamut).

To drive the point home, ASUS proudly boasts VESA DisplayHDR 1000 and UHD Alliance UltraHD Premium certifications for the PG27UQX. The monitor is entirely NVIDIA G-Sync variable refresh technology compatible as well and has two fans based on the same design used in ASUS GPUs with smart fan control dials to keep everything running cool.

Beyond the internals, the PG27UQX has RGB lighting on the back panel and supports Aura Sync to match the lighting to other Sync compatible ROG peripherals. There's also a wholly unnecessary but aesthetically welcome light fitted into the stand that projects the ROG logo onto the surface below.

ASUS states that the monitor ships with a blank cover for the stand light so users can dream up a unique logo. How this works precisely remains to be seen, but it's a welcome customizable gimmick for those wanting to personalize their setup.

Right now there's no firm indication from ASUS as to what we can expect to pay for the pleasure. The same goes for when the PG27UQX will be available for purchase.