Monday Mods 29th June: Persona 4 Fixes

Persona 4

It’s always good news when a beloved game that was previously only available on consoles makes it’s way over to PC, and just that happened with Persona 4. Twelve years after it’s initial release on PS2, we saw the Steam release of Persona 4: Golden hit the top of the charts immediately. Whether this is players that missed the boat first time around, or people revisiting an old favorite, it’s great to see the type of game that can find success on PC to expand to games like Persona 4.

However, one pitfall of repacking old games never originally intended to be played on PC, especially when coming from studios without any background in releasing games on PC, are technical shortcomings. Persona 4 isn’t a disaster on PC, it, for the most part, runs just fine. There are a few issues that can arise that you may wish to sidestep, and fortunately just a few weeks after it came out, there are a few different useful fixes available.

For high-resolution monitors, there are some issues with DPI scaling, causing symptoms like incorrect on-screen text size. Fortunately, a popular general-purpose game enhancement tool has a pre-configured build available specifically for Persona 4 Golden, and installing it can resolve some of these issues. Grab the Persona 4 Golden variant of Special K here. Full support for Persona 4 Golden is still in progress, and there are features on the horizon like control over motion blur settings, but even in this early state, it offers some nice improvements on the game. If you are intending to use Special K, it is recommended that you do so in conjunction with this 4GB patch, which will enable the game to address 4GB of system memory rather than the default amount of 2GB. Persona 4 is a 32bit game, and 32bit software on Windows is limited to a total of 4GB of RAM, but it’s not clear why Atlus have compiled Persona 4 Golden to only be able to address 2GB of RAM. Perhaps this is something that might change in a future patch, but for the time being, we have this mod at least.

Beyond that, it’s also possible to carry your over your save file from the Vita version to continue on the PC version. You’ll need to have a hacked Vita to do so, and the transfer is only going to work one way, but it’s still a very cool option. PCgamingwiki has specific instructions, but it’s not too involved. For a game that can run 70 hours to beat, or double that if you’re going for a completionist run, it can be pretty handy to be able to switch between formats like this.

Have you been playing Persona 4 since it came out on PC? Is there anything else you’d like to see from mods in the future? Let us know in the comments.