MSI Release New Additions to the Clutch and Immerse Gaming Series

MSI has recently announced new additions to the popular Clutch and Immerse gaming series peripherals. The all-new Clutch GM30 gaming mouse will come with side grips, a ‘gaming-grade” optical sensor, and symmetrical design. On the Immerse side of things, the new GH50 gaming headset will come equipped with a virtual 7.1 surround sound and built-in vibration system.

What can we expect?

MSI Clutch GM30

We knew already from the Computex announcement that MSI had planned on releasing a new range of peripherals aimed towards gamers who build on a budget. The new Clutch GM30 will be more expensive than the Clutch GM11 but will come with a PixArt PMW-3327 sensor, side grips and a DPI max of 6200. These features are geared towards gamers by giving you a stable, non-slip device that will hold up to countless hours of action.

The Clutch GM30 will allow users to change DPI settings on the fly up to a resolution of 6200, this is achievable by either the dedicated button on the mouse or by using the MSI Dragon Centre software. This range of options has become standard on gaming mice in the last couple of years to the point where we’d be more upset if it was omitted rather than included. 

MSI Immerse GH50

The Immerse GH50 is a USB-only headset that comes with 40mm drivers, soft padded ear cups and a comfy but flexible headband. This is a headset you will be able to wear for hours on end and soon forget it’s there. The USB connected headset also provides gamers with a virtual 7.1 surround sound experience. This level of audio detail will come in handy especially when listening for opponents in your shooter of choice. 

Also present on the Immerse GH50 is a built-in, detachable microphone and vibration system. Being able to communicate with your team is essential in any game but the ability to not only hear, but feel the explosions around you will make for a game-changing experience all round. The microphone will also deliver impeccable audio using the 40mm drivers that will ensure your voice doesn’t come through as a garbled mess in the heat of battle.

Last but not least, for the flashy ones amongst us, the Immerse GH50 also comes with RGB lighting on both sides of the headset. With features such as ‘Beats mode’, that allow the headset to pulse colors to the beats of your music, this will make for a worthy addition to your no-doubt already big RGB peripheral collection!

Closing thoughts

It appears MSI is still trying to find its foothold in the peripheral market but these two pieces are very worthy additions to their rapidly growing product base. It looks like customer feedback from the previous Clutch and Immerse generations have been taken into account here and a good step forward has been made. 

At their respective price points, there is a lot of value to be had in these two devices. If you’re in the market for a new mouse or even a headset then these are great picks. Although the USB-only feature of the headphones may put some people off with the inability to use them on other devices, with the gradual disappearance of the 3mm jack anyway, this probably won’t affect too many of us.

For further news on peripherals make sure to keep checking back here. If you wish to look at the Clutch and Immerse series then head on over to the MSI website