New MSI Peripherals Lineup presented At Computex

MSI doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to peripherals, but its offerings at this year’s Computex are on the cusp of changing things. MSI revealed a lineup of budget-level gaming products, including headsets and mice.

Among MSI’s new wares were a pair of gaming mice, the ambidextrous six-button Clutch GM30 and Clutch GM11. The GM30 is a more expensive and slightly more robust version of the GM11, sporting a PixArt PMW-3327 sensor, silicone side grips, and a CPI cap at 6200. The GM10, on the other hand, features a PixArt PMW3325 sensor and a CPI of 5000. MSI has marked them both as reliable up to 10 million clicks and is marketing them towards the budget market. The design is also among the more appealing budget options we’ve come across.

MSI also brought in a fresh duo of gaming headset, the Immerse GH30 and Immerse GH50. They both borrow heavily from the existing GH70 model. The GH30 has a small, foldable footprint, is exclusively powered via 3.5 audio jack for a full analog headset and though it uses budget drivers, produces decent sound.

The GH50 is a beefed-up USB-only version with 40mm drivers, softer ear cups, and extra flexibility in the headband. Both look solid and are stripped of add-ons like RGB lighting, and the GH50, in particular, provides a well-rounded frequency range of 20Hz to 20 kHz.

Finally, MSI unveiled two new additions to the Vigor line of keyboard with the GK30 and GK50. The GK30 is an entry-level keyboard while the GK50 is hoping to make inroads into the mid-range market with fully mechanical switches.

According to MSI, we can expect the various peripherals to hit stores from summer 2019 onwards. No specific pricing details were released.