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NVIDIA Cutting RTX 2060 Supply This Month To Increase Production Capacity Of GeForce RTX 30-series

In an attempt to speed up RTX 30-series production, NVIDIA may cut the 2060

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NVIDIA look set to increase the production of its hugely popular GeForce RTX 30 series GPU lineup by cutting the supply of older variants. The rumour comes from ITHome who suggest that tech insiders in the Asia Pacific region expect NVIDIA to axe the supply of older GPU production – specifically the 20-series range – to allow more focus on its brand new GPU lineup and reduce the graphics card shortage we’re currently experiencing.

Big Changes For NVIDIA Who Try To Prioritize GeForce RTX 30-series Supply This Month

Earlier in the year, team green decided to reintroduce its older GeForce RTX 20 series and GTX 16 series GPUs – including the fan favourite RTX 2060 and GTX 1660 SUPER cards. Whilst a lot of NVIDIA’s focus was on getting gamers its new high-end GPUs, crypto miners had other ideas – snapping up any GPU they could get their hands on and reducing overall stock levels dramatically. A lot of this can be attributed to the lack of NVIDIA’s CMP series, forcing miners to buy up gaming-tailored GPUs.

Since then, NVIDIA has replenished the CMP series and has now decided to refocus on its Ampere GPU lineup. And whilst the Turing architecture will still be produced for crypto miners looking to get a piece of the crypto pie, market price suggests that interest in crypto is diminishing (we won’t hold our breath on that though).

Ultimately, what all this means is that NVIDIA is now spending more time in the production of its next-generation parts instead of older, mining-friendly, alternatives.

RTX 30 series

NVIDIA Stop Supply Of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Graphics Cards

Starting this month, NVIDIA will be axing the production of its popular RTX 2060 graphics card – by half, that is. Shipments to major partners are also going to be reduced significantly. Whilst that still leaves fan-favourite GTX 1660 SUPER production in good health, we also expect a similar situation for the 16 series GPU in the coming months. This would further increase the distribution potential of high-performance 30-series flagship options.

NVIDIA has already begun implementation of its LHR (Lite Hash Rate) technology in brand new Ampere GPUs, restricting the mining potential of said cards. The CMP lineup sold incredibly well during its short lifespan, which, again, should help stabilize the current GPU market.

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