Nvidia DLSS 2.2 Improvements – Reduced Ghosting & Smudging

The First Look At DLSS 2.2 Has Reduced Ghosting In Rainbow Six, Death Stranding, And Cyberpunk 2077

DLSS 2.2 Rainbow Six

The full official release of the latest version of DLSS – DLSS 2.2 – is still round the corner but Digital Foundry have managed to test the new technology on various games via copying and using the same DLSS library they have access to, to see what improvements it brings over DLSS 2.1.

The major problem that people had with DLSS 2.1 was visible blurring and ghosting effects in some instances during movement. It seems this is the main area that DLSS 2.2 seeks to improve over its predecessor.

The Digital Foundry testers tried DLSS 2.2 on Cyberpunk 2077, Death Stranding, and Metro Exodus and you can see the results below.

Bear in mind that the official release of the technology for each of these games will have to wait until each game developer has successfully tested the technology and ironed out any compatibility issues.

Nvidia DLSS 2.1 vs DLSS 2.2 Cyberpunk 2077

The notoriously ghosting heavy elevator in Cyberpunk 2077 has been vastly improved in this area – with no discernable ghosting effects in DLSS 2.2 as you can see in the gallery image above. The second image also shows the improvements to thin and distant powerlines, which previously appeared disconnected with more noticeable gaps in between.

Nvidia DLSS 2.1 vs DLSS 2.2 Death Stranding

Death Stranding DLSS 2.2

Smudging effects on smaller distant objects in Death Stranding, in particular oily-looking droplets and flying birds contrasted against a lighter sky, has been reduced in DLSS 2.2, along with a general reduction in ghosting during motion.

Nvidia DLSS 2.1 vs DLSS 2.2 Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus DLSS 2.2

Ghosting and blurring has been reduced in Metro Exodus, and as you can see in the above image, mesh fences show crisper edges, with greater distinction between the wire fence and the rendering of the images behind it.