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Nvidia GeForce RTX CES 2021 Keynote

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  • 17.35 – Final treat from Jeff – looks like a Microsoft Flight Sim tease.
  • 17.30 – January 26th – save the date and get ready for some impressive laptops
  • 17.28 – 70+ Gaming & Studio laptops giving gamers and creators the biggest variety we have ever seen so they can pick the right device for their needs!
  • 17.28 – Studio Laptops!
  • 17.27 – esports angle – the flagship laptop will be able to hit over 240FPS in competitive titles
  • 17.26 – the flagship RTX 3080 laptop! Also comes with a 1440p screen, 16GB memory and will retail at $1999
  • 17.26 – RTX 3070 laptop wiht a 1440p screen!, starting at $1299
  • 17.25 – RTX 3060 laptops – take my money! These start at just $999.
  • 17.24 – DLSS for gaming laptops –  it uses AI and RTX tensor cores to deliver up to 2 x the performance in the same power. This can also have a positive impact on battery life.
  • 17.23 – Next is Resizeable BAR – this leverages the PCIe to boost gaming performance. With this the game can access the full amount of memory, allowing for multiple updates at the same time, which in turn improves performance.
  • 17.22 – WhisperMode 2.0 is introduced – delivers a new level of acoustic control. You pick your desired acoustics and the AI-powered algorithms manage the CPU, GPU, systems temps, and fan speeds for better acoustics.
  • 17.22 – AI-powered RTX laptops feature Dynamic Boost 2.0, which shifts power between the CPU, GPU, and now GPU memory, determining where it is needed most.
  • 17.21 – Just as we expected Ampere laptops! – High performance in thin and light gaming laptops thanks to MAX-Q
  • 17.21 – Gaming laptop time!
  • 17.20 –  13 shader tflops, 24 RT-tflops, and 101 Tensor-tfolps
  • 17.18 – an RTX for every gamer – The GeForce RTX 3060! This powers the latest games with RTX on at 60 FPS, which’s massive for price-conscious gamers.
  • 17.17 – 5 new monitors are being announced today from Acer, AOC, and ASUS that all feature the Reflex Latency Analyzer tech,
  • 17.16 – Reflex Latency Analyzer – This technology was announced to feature in four 360Hz G-Sync displays. This tool helps measure system health and performance, with hardware built into the display measuring the clock to display latency.
  • 17.15 – R6: Siege and Overwatch are adopting Reflex
  • 17.14 – Nvidia Reflex has been developed to help gamers get their best system latency, from mouse click to display!
  • 17.14 – esports time!
  • 17.13 – F.I.S.T is another game that is going to be brought to life with Ray Tracing and DLSS
  • 17.10  – Five Nights At Freddy’s, the latest chapter – Security Breach is going to feature RTX Ray Tracing and DLSS
  • 17.08 – Nvidias latest partnership with Outriders means the game is set to benefit from DLSS, as is COD: Warzone!
  • 17.08 – They are going to be announcing more RTX titles!
  • 17.01  – We’ve got Jeff Fisher here recapping 2020
  • 17.00 – Here we go.

CES 2021 is finally here and Nvidia is having its major keynote this afternoon! Nvidia launched its latest RTX 30-series Ampere graphics card lineup in late 2020 only to be plagued with stock and distribution issues thanks to COVID-19.

Nvidia now has some of the best desktop GPUs available, so what else can we expect? Well,  we were already anticipating mobile GPUs for laptops to be announced at CES 2021 but do we have some more desktop GPUs coming?

Nvidia hasn’t officially announced anything quite yet but we are going to be watching the event and continually updating this article with the juiciest bits!

Nvidia CES 2021 Keynote: What We Expect

Well, Nvidia Mobility GPUs are going to be announced for sure, plus the rash of leaks we saw pre-holidays around the versions of the desktop cards would suggest that there will be new news on that front as well. We’ve also heard a lot of rumors about Nvidia launching its RTX 3000 mobility lineup for the best gaming laptops.

We are also expecting and excited by the inevitable announcements of more ray-traced games taking advantage of Nvidia RTX cards.

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