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PlayStation Exclusive Invitation To Order PS5

How to get a PlayStation Exclusive Invitation To Order PS5.

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Sony has announced a major wave of PS5s for purchase, especially in the UK, with the US getting PS5 sales for September 14, starting at 12:00 PT 15:00 ET. However, if you would rather not sit in infinite queues for various retailers, Sony allows Playstation exclusive invitations to order PS5s via email links. Here is what you need to go to get directly invited to order PS5 stock.

Playstation Exclusive Invitation To Order PS5

Sony Direct is offering those interested in buying a PS5 the opportunity to get PS5 stock emails directly to your email. All you need to do is sign up to Sony Direct so you can get your Playstation exclusive invitations to order PS5.

To get those orders, all you need to do is is create or log into your Sony Direct account. Once you are signed in, head over to your account page by clicking ‘My Profile. After that, click on the edit button on your profile page, and you’ll get a redirect to the new account settings page. From there, press the notifications tab on the left-hand side of the screen and opt-in to receive news and special offers from Sony.

Once the stock goes live for your respective Sony Direct store, you will get notifications off any stock relating to Sony, including the PS5. It does not guarantee you will get a PS5, but it does increase your chances of skipping those retail queues and online order wait times. It is worth mentioning that the email can let you skip the queue that Sony Direct implements when the stock goes live to the general public.

If you are in a login queue, you will receive an estimated wait time before getting any of the fresh PS5 stock. If you don’t happen to grab a PS5 through Sony Direct, US and UK retailers are offering PS5 stock through September 14. Alternatively, Sony Direct can send emails letting you skip the liner for PS5 restock on Sony Direct ahead of the next sale window. If you get this email, it means you are almost guaranteed to get a PS5, presuming you are willing and able to buy the console when the email notifys you of the next PS5 stock window.

US PS5 Stock

Amazon PS5 Stock

Best But PS5 Stock

Target PS5 Stock

Walmart PS5 Stock

GameStop PS5 Stock

NewEgg PS5 Stock

PS5 Stock UK

If you’re looking to order in the UK, then you can check these retailers.

Amazon PS5 Stock

Game PS5 Stock

Argos PS5 Stock

Box PS5 Stock

Very PS5 Stock

Currys PS5 Stock

Smyths PS5 Stock


Note that the September 14 wave of stock is largely available at Game and Very if you’re from the UK.

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  1. Do you know what i should do if it isn’t available in my region

  2. Hi
    I have received the invitation but thing is that i saw the email after the invitation was invalid (after 15:00 pt 16 September)
    But i can open the link and put the ps5 in the cart . Does that mean it is scam or the invitation extended for few more days??

    • Hey sorry for the delay. I’m not too sure on the issue, to be honest. If you have the email from sony and it’s letting you put one in the cart you should be fine. The emails always come from Sony, so it shouldn’t be a scam. You should check the origin of the email just to be sure though.

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