Game PS5 Stock, Very PS5 Stock, Argos PS5 Stock Available (September 14)

PS5 Stock available through Game PS5 and Very PS5 Pages..

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Update: 13:22 Argos is out of stock. It says you can still add the item to your trolley but it doesn’t allow delivery to local store or home address (at least for us anyway).


The PlayStation 5 is back in stock for several UK retailers. Game tweeted out this morning that the PS5 game restock is here, with many available to order Game’s website, along with local store contact options.

Furthermore, Very also has PS5 stock preorders available but are limited, while Littlewoods PS5 stocks were in, but it appears that they are now out of stock.

We have created a quick table summary to highlight which UK retailers have PS5 Stock:

Retailer Stock
Game Yes
Very Yes
Littlewoods No
Tesco No
Amazon No
Smyth No
Currys No
Box No

Game PS5 Stock

Game’s PS5 stock has now gone live. There are several different bundles, consoles, both disc and digital available for purchase. The price is as expected, starting at £450 for the basic console, with various bundles available ranging from £500 to £700 pounds. You can grab yourself a variety of Spider-Man, Ratchet and Clank bundles, with some offering other goodies, with one bundle even offering both Ratchet and Clank and Spider-Man.

You can find all the PS5 stock options from Game here.

Note that Game’s PS5 preorders are available from September 17.

Very PS5 Stock

Very has some PS5 stock options available. At the time of writing the disc version of the PS5 is out of stock, while the PS5 Digilat version is currently in stock, but they are running out of options in their stick. You’ll have to act fast if you want to purchase through Very.

If you do manage to get a Very PS5 stock option, you can expect the pre-order to arrive on September 30.

Argos PS5 Stock

Argos has got some PS5 stock too, however, they appear to only have the very basic digital and disc versions available. You can find the Argos stock here.

Littlewoods PS5

Littlewoods PS5 stock did come in earlier today, but at the time of writing, they are once again out of stock. The main page for Littlewoods PS5 stock says there is more coming soon, so they could into a second wave of PS5 sales today or more in the next few days. You can keep an eye on the Littlewoods PS5 stock here.

We will keep this article updated as we get more info on the UK PS5 stock so you know who has ps5 in stock.