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PS5 restock: Amazon to restock Playstation 5 console on March 30

Amazon gears up for a new restock

Updated: Nov 29, 2022 11:20 am
PS5 restock: Amazon to restock Playstation 5 console on March 30

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It’s been a little while since we last saw a Playstation 5 restock, but Amazon US is now promoting that they are going to have stock of the Playstation 5 (Digital Edition) up on the site on March 30. Restocks have been as limited as ever, with no real cadence to them that gives us any indication that the consoles are going to get any easier to find at all. Sources state that the restock will happen at 8 AM PST and you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime member.

Regardless, a promotional image on Amazon US shows us that the retail giant will be getting stock for the digital version of the console. So, if you were instead after the disc-based model, you might be out of luck. However, with options like the heavily rumored ‘Spartacus‘ from Sony, you might want to pick up the digital version anyway, and clear out the clutter of owning physical games in favor of owning digital titles, instead.

Is Amazon PS5 stock getting any better?

Right now, we can’t say that we’ve seen any indication of Amazon PS5 stock getting better, and supplies remain to be just as constrained as we’ve seen over the last year and change. Although many believe that the global semiconductor shortage will end, could we see Sony diversifying their PS5 console output with a PS5 Pro or PS5 slim with revised designs that they may be able to ship quicker to customers?

It still remains to be seen if they would choose such a route, so early on in the console’s lifecycle. WE could potentially see stocks getting better in the run-up to the latter half of the year as supply chains begin to stabilize. The scalper market for Playstation 5’s still remains strong, though not quite as hot as they were at holiday levels, we’re still seeing PS5 consoles sell on sites like eBay for as much as $770 USD, which is markedly more than its usual asking price.

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Source: eBay

So long as scalpers can continue to make a profit on the consoles, we can’t say that the situation will get much better without Sony simply pushing enough units out of the console to ensure that it’s simply not worth paying more money to get their hands on a console which is readily available at MSRP pricing.

Is a PS5 digital edition worth it?

Without a doubt, there are oodles of games to get excited about for the PS5, but you’re going to be able to enjoy games like Gran Turismo 7 (if the servers are online), Horizon Forbidden West, and of course, the upcoming God of War Ragnarok. There are loads of games to get excited about, and the Dualsense controller means that you’re going to get an extra dimension of control over anything that you’ll be doing, to boot. So, don’t fret as you’ll be able to get incredible experiences on the Playstation 5, across both first-party and multiplatform titles, so you’re not going to miss out on whatever games release for the latest generation of consoles. Unless you want to play Halo, you’ll have to get an Xbox for that one.

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