QubicGames Is Offering Up 10 Free Nintendo Switch Games This Christmas

Christmas looks to be coming early this year for those of us who own a Nintendo Switch. Game publisher QubicGames will be giving away ten titles, completely for free over the course of December

How Do You Qualify?

There is only one key thing you need in order to qualify for this deal. Anyone who currently owns a title from QubicGames can start grabbing the free titles as and when they become available. 

If you don’t happen to own a QubicGames title already and don’t have the funds to purchase one, Coloring Book is currently available for free from the Nintendo store. Once added to your account, you’ll be eligible for the titles QubicGames is giving away.

You’ll need to be careful though. If you forget to redeem one of the free titles, it looks like you won’t be eligible for the rest. It appears the next title will be available for free for users who have the previous one added to their accounts. 

What Games Are On Offer?

To give you a better idea of what’s on offer and when they are available, take a quick look at the following list and take note.

Game Date Available
Robonauts 10th – 15th Dec
Geki Yaba Runner 16th December
Puzzle Book 17h December
One Strike  18th December
Wreckin’ Ball Adventure 19h December
Koloro  20th December
#RaceDieRun 21st December
REKT  22nd December
Mana Spark 23rd December
Game TBA 24th December

As you can see, this is quite the impressive list of titles and it would be a shame if you missed any. The final unannounced title is sure to be impressive too, so make sure you make a mental note to keep checking back each day. 

This giveaway will be taking place throughout Europe and America. Each title in the giveaway will also be greatly discounted. Remember, if you have missed out a day, you can always purchase the most current game in order to continue your streak of free titles. 

Closing Thoughts

We love a bit of generosity over the holiday season. QubicGames has sure taken the ‘season of giving’ quite literally and all of these games will keep you more than busy over the winter break. 

For more deals and news be sure to check back regularly as we’ll be posting all the best giveaways, deals and bundles we can get our hands on so that you don’t miss out on any bargains.