Everything We Know About The Razer Tomahawk

For gamers out there that are new to PC gaming, the building process can be a nerve-wracking endeavor at first. I mean, what if you break an expensive component? While this sounds trivial to an experienced PC builder it is still a valid concern and Razer showcased a solution at CES 2020. Razer is showcasing a lot of gaming laptops and a few gaming monitors but none stood out like the Razer Tomahawk Gaming Desktop.

This is a prebuilt gaming computer like you have never seen before, the Tomahawk is designed to be compact, modular, and a performer. The optimized form factor makes this essentially a fantastic mini-ITX gaming system and it really throws conventions out the window.  Thanks to the design, the Tomahawk is essentially portable and can be taken to LAN in a rucksack.

The Specs

The Razer Tomahawk N1 chassis opens from the back to access inside with a lock and slide mechanism. The modular layout means only specific components will be compatible but the one we saw featured an RTX 2080 Ti. Aside from the RTX series GPUs, you will be able to install an i9 CPU and 32/64GB of RAM. It is worth noting that if you opt for 32GB of RAM you can expect speeds of 2666MHz and 2400MHz for 64GB.

The Tomahawk will support 3 x 4K displays and features 2 x Thunderbolt 3 ports. There will also be 2x m.2 slots for speedy SSD storage solutions too.

This is built for gaming and it will destroy AAA titles with ease, furthermore, it is ready to take on games that utilize ray-tracing too.

Final Word

All-in-all the main feature of this gaming PC is its modular design, enabling us to drop the tools and simply plugin. This is surely the perfect bit of tech to convert even the most stubborn of console gamers to the glorious PC master race.