Secretlab MAGNUS Desk Release

Following The Secretlab MAGNUS Desk Reveal We Discuss What We Know And How To Buy The New Metal Gaming Desk

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The MAGNUS looks set to take Secretlab, a brand well known for its quality gaming chairs which can come with licensed designs that match your favorite games, TV shows, and streamers, into the realms of desk building and potentially beyond. This is a logical extension for the brand, and we look forward to seeing how it will measure up against the best gaming desks in the business, including those from Arozzi, Bizzoelife, and Omnidesk.

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When Can I Buy The Secretlab Magnus Desk?

The official reveal of the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk is on the 27th of April 2021 at the following times depending on your time zone:
10AM PT | 1PM ET | 7PM CET | 6PM BST

Where Can I Buy The Secretlab Magnus Desk?

The desk should be available for purchase on launch from the Secretlab website if you’re based in the US, EU, or Singapore, although UK consumers may, unfortunately, have to wait a little longer. Click the following link for the Secretlab store page.


Features Of The Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk

The MAGNUS Metal Desk measures 59″(L) x 27.5″(W) x 29″(H) or 1500mm x 700mm x 735mm and comes with a maximum loads of 220lbs / 100kg on the main body of the desk. As the name would suggest, the desk is made from steel but also incorporates MDF. The desk, before you include accessories, weighs 92.6lbs / 42kg.

One of the key selling points of the desk is its overall ‘magnetic ecosystem’ which allows you to easily clip on all of the various accessories and the magnetic MAGPAD Desk Mat, which covers the entire desktop surface.

Most of the accessories for the desk are optional extras, which gives you greater options for customization and the potential to save money on components you do not need. Among the most interesting of these are the red magnetic cable anchors (for the table top) and the black magnetic cable sheaths (for the table legs), which can magnetically snap to the desk and to each other to keep your desk cabling as tidy as possible. The MAGRGB Diffused RGB Strip can also be fixed to anywhere under the desk to give a diffused ‘aurora-like glow’ and the lighting pattern and colors are controlled via a remote. The final accessory, the cable fastening straps, function exactly as you’d expect.

The MAGPAD Desk Mat comes in several variations: at present there is the Signature Stealth Edition with the classic red trim to match the design familiar from Secretlab’s chairs, there are also the more expensive Special Edition Cloud9 and Team Liquid designs, though we imagine these will be expanded upon in the future. Full prices of all of the above can be found below.

The rear of the desk features an ingeniously designed cable management tray which not only lets you tidy away all of your cables, but also has a forward hinging mechanism meaning you can place the back edge of the desk flush against the wall.

Last, but certainly not least, the desk comes with a 5 year warranty, which is definitely a welcome addition!

Price Of The Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk

As you can see below, the various cable management accessories for the table can be bought together for a saving as part of the Secretlab MAGNUS Cable Management Bundle.

Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk1.5m$449
Secretlab MAGPAD Desk MatSignature Stealth (1.5m)$0 (UP $79)
Special Editions (1.5m)$49 (UP $99)
Secretlab Magnetic Cable Anchors$19
Secretlab Cable Fastening Straps$13
Secretlab Magnetic Cable Sheaths$29
Secretlab MAGNUS Cable Management Bundle (consists of the Secretlab Magnetic Cable Anchors, Cable Fastening Straps, and Magnetic Cable Sheaths)Signature Stealth$44
Secretlab MAGRGB1.5m$59

The Perfect Chair For Your Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk

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