Sega Is Polling Users About Which Series They Want To See More Of

Sega is currently asking their players in the US and the UK about which of their series they most want to see remasters, spinoffs, and sequels for. They’ve released a poll that lists several different games and series that could potentially be candidates for getting some new releases. Perhaps after the roaring success of the Yakuza series on PC, and more recently the smash hit launch of Persona 4 on Steam. Persona 4 shot to the top fo the Steam best-sellers list, even though when it released earlier this month it was already 12 years old. The PC releases of the various different Yakuza games have also done excellent numbers on Steam, and have helped this series find and build a strong community of players, after years of being a somewhat niche game.

This survey, perhaps, could hint that the different games and series featured could be next to get this kind of treatment. Sega has been ramping up their support for the PC platform gradually over the years, with titles like Bayonetta, Vanquish, Valkyria Chronicles, and Sonic Lost World all receiving belated releases on PC after years of console exclusivity. They’ve also continued to build strength with some of the PC focussed series like Total War and Football Manager.

Sega has a rich back catalog of games that could potentially be very popular on PC, especially games from their Japanese studios that struggled to find an international audience on consoles but could potentially find a global audience on PC. Doubly so if you include the games from Sega subsidiary Atlus. The poll is specifically asking about games like Phantasy Star Online, Chu Chu Rocket, Sakura Wars, Super Monkey Ball, Shin Megami Tensei, Jet Set Radio, Sega Rally, Streets of Rage, and many more. I’d love to see some more of these titles hitting PC, whether in the form of remasters, remakes, or sequels. If you would too, why not set aside a few minutes to let Sega know which games you’d like to play on PC.

It’s proven that some of these games which never got a chance on PC can find success there, even years after the initial release. Hopefully, this poll is evidence that Sega has reached this conclusion, and are looking for some direction for which of their back catalog of games could be viable candidates to revive. Check out the poll for yourself if you want Sega to pay attention to your thoughts on the matter.