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Transformers To Join World of Warships from September

A brand new update will see Transformers make its way in World of Warships.

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A brand new collaboration between Wargaming and Hasbro Inc. will see Transformers make a surprising appearance in World of Warships. Autobots and Decepticons will be arriving in the game as themed ship skins and commanders this September.

For those unfamiliar, World of Warships is a free online combat game which features a huge fleet of iconic, historic war vessels in an exciting naval warfare experience. If you want to know our top five reasons for playing World of Warships, take a look here.

The game receives regular updates so it’s interesting to see something outside of the normal updates added to the game.

If it’s been a while since you dropped into a game of naval warfare, this new update could be just the thing to get back into World of Warships.

This new update will see four iconic Transformers characters released as ship skins and commanders with recognizable voice overs and phrases. Naturally, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee will take center stage here as the Autobots but we’ll also see Megatron and Rumble as the enemy Decepticons.

This new collaboration will also introduce a range of other additional content including dedicated game tasks, combat missions, Transformers containers, expendable camouflages, commemorative flags and patches and much more.

For an idea of what you’ll get, take a look at the recent trailer below.

Philip Molodkovets, executive producer at World of Warships said:

“Generations were raised with the Transformers franchise. Starting from the 1980s animated series all the way to the latest movies, we instantly fell in love with the robot characters that captivated our imagination. Having the chance to feature them in World of Warships is a dream come true for many of us. Our love for big, epic metal warriors is mutual! Therefore we paid special attention to bring Transformers characters to life in details and true scale, side by side with legendary warships.”

“We’re thrilled to bring the Transformers brand to life in World of Warships through this unique collaboration. Combining the might of warships and Transformers adds a whole new dimension to combat for fans of both franchises,” said Mark Blecher, SVP Corporate Strategy and Business Affairs at Hasbro.

This Transformers update will be available across PC and console in September. Will you be checking it out when it releases? Are you an avid World of Warships fan? Let us know your thoughts on the new update in the comments.


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