Watch Dogs Legion Could End Up As A Next-Gen Launch Title

Watch Dogs Legion Could End Up As A Next Gen Launch Title

With Watch Dogs Legion already being delayed late last year along with Rainbow Six: Quarantine and Gods & Monsters, there’s no surprise that this current pandemic may slow things down further. 

This way partly due to the fact that Ghost Recon Breakpoint suffered with such a lackluster launch and Ubisoft wanted to further polish these titles. 

Could The Release Coincide With Next-Gen Consoles?

Videogames Chronicle cites an anonymous source who states that Watch Dogs Legion could be released at the same time as next-generation consoles later on this year. That is providing the consoles themselves don’t suffer from delays.

In an interview with the New York Times, Yves Guillemot, Ubisoft CEO said that there have been no large disruptions in the development schedule since they switched to a work from home policy. 

However, when talking about Ubisoft’s partners, Guillemot also noted that Ubisoft will indeed “adjust in order to do what’s best for them and for our players”. This likely means that additional delays to Ubisoft games are not out of the question - especially if next-gen consoles suffer from delays. 

What Would A Launch Day Release Mean For Watch Dogs?

It’s safe to say the Watch Dogs series didn’t get off to the best of starts back in 2014, with the apparent graphical downgrade from initially shown footage being the biggest offender. 

Since then, Watch Dogs has been on an upward climb. Watch Dogs 2 improved on the original in almost every way and is praised for its open-world design, flexible hacking, and stealth gameplay aspects. 

From what we’ve seen from footage of Watch Dogs Legion, the London setting and detailed recruitment mode looks like it will make Legion the best title in the Watch Dogs series. If this release does happen to coincide with next-generation consoles, it should be an exciting title. 

Games that drop as release day launches also get that extra bit of attention. They are usually included in console bundles and a vast majority of players will pick them up just to see what their new console is capable of. It would make perfect sense for Ubisoft to try their hardest to tie the release of Watch Dogs Legion to that of these new consoles

What are your expectations for Watch Dogs Legion? Do you think we’ll see further delays for these upcoming Ubisoft titles? Let us know down in the comments section below.