Watch Dogs Legion Release Date Rumors, and News

Watch Dogs Legion Release Date Rumours and News

After the disappointing release of the original Watch Dogs, developers Ubisoft have been pulling no punches to get the series back on track with its original vision. The latest title of Watch Dogs is set to still have the same Orwellian themes as precursors, however, this time we have a unique change of setting. 

Set in a futuristic vision of London, Watch Dogs: Legion allows players to set about the dystopian city in one of three playstyles – Enforcer, Infiltrator or Hacker. Each of these classes will vary in abilities and allow players to play the character exactly how they want to. 

When Will We See It?

Originally announced at E3 2019, Watch Dogs: Legion looks to be a definite improvement to the series. With an emphasis on open-world gameplay and a recruitment system that allows you to utilize almost anyone you see, it’s going to make for some pretty exciting situations!

Unfortunately for us, Watch Dogs: Legion is set to release March 6th next year. Hopefully, this allows for the game to arrive in a more ‘complete’ state than the original. With Watch Dogs set to release on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Google Stadia, it’s uncertain if there are any plans to port the title to next-gen consoles if they are released soon enough after.

Pre Order Watch Dogs: Legion PS4

Pre Order Watch Dogs: Legion Xbox One

What Can We Expect?

Fans got a great taste of the gameplay during the initial reveal earlier this year. Aside from the recruitment aspect, it appears that the city of London is well ingrained with mass surveillance – most probably a not-so-subtle nod towards the way society is headed.

We can expect anyone and everyone to be watching us as we play, ranging from mass CCTV to overhead drones tracking our every move. Players will have the chance to put their stealth and hacking skills to the test if they wish to remain undetected.

Jumping ‘across the pond’ to England should be a welcome bit of change for fans of the series who are more than familiar with the American-style streets by now. I am personally excited to see just how their vision of a futuristic London pans out. Will the streets seem vaguely familiar to what we’re used to? Or, will the mass surveillance and futuristic aspects make it feel like a completely different city?

Final Thoughts

As usual, fans of the series will be able to get their hands on a number of different editions which come with a variety of digital and physical content – namely a skull mask with an LED crown! While this isn’t for everybody, we’re sure that some people will buy this in a heartbeat just to display this item.

The gameplay doesn’t look to be a huge departure from the series so die-hard fans will feel comfortable playing. That said, apart from the addition of the recruitment process, it appears that the game will play in a similar way to the predecessors – we’ll know next year if this is a positive or negative point.

Although we still have a long wait until release, it will be interesting to see how much the game changes from the gameplay initially shown. We will no doubt see a wealth of post-release content and (hopefully) patches to improve the game. 

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