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Download more VRAM speed for the 7900 GRE thanks to AMD update

Boost your 7900 GRE with this one simple trick

Updated: Mar 25, 2024 12:02 pm
Download more VRAM speed for the 7900 GRE thanks to AMD update

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Downloading more RAM might be a joke, but not the ability to overclock your VRAM. As in the latest driver update, AMD enables memory overclocking for the RX 7900 GRE. That is after quite some time being a missing feature considering the card has been out since mid-2023even if limited to China, the wider release has spurred it on.

The AMD 2.3.1 WHQL driver resolves the memory overclocking issues that the 7900 GRE had on it. As the GPU previously had a limit enabled on its VBIOS, the driver update makes it a whole load simpler for everyone to implement it. Now making the overclock a lot simpler addressing what many of the reviews had complained about.

RX 7900 GRE overclock performance

TechPowerUp put the new driver and overclocking to the test. With the clock limit override in the new drivers reprogram the power limits on the GPU during boot-up. Now TPU found how much that can improve the performance on your AMD graphics card.

7900 GRE memory overclock performance
Chart comparing the 7900 GRE performance with overclocking, source: TechPowerUp

TPU tested the overclock on the PowerColor Hellhound 7900 GRE, by standard it reached 67.1FPS in Time SPy Extreme. Before the update, it could be overclocked but not as well, and they managed to increase it up to 2,316MHz and effective 18.5Gbps which increased the performance up to 72.6.

Now though they have managed a 2,604MHz an effective 20Gbps, which increases the performance of even 77.1FPS on average. The clock is even higher than the 7800 XT ships with but it also may be dependent on the chips your card comes with. As the graphics cards are rated for different amounts and may be able to reach different levels so overclock carefully.

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