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Where to buy RTX 4070 Ti in the US & UK

A rerelease of a card that was taken back so where can you find it now

Updated: Apr 20, 2023 8:06 am
Where to buy RTX 4070 Ti in the US & UK

A few months after the unlaunch of the RTX 4080 12GB, the works have been put in for a rebrand of the card. And the alternative has been released, so you may consider where to buy the RTX 4070 Ti. With the 4070 Ti release date now having come out on the 5th of January, it is another card in the lineup of Nvidia’s Ada powerhouse lineup.

As the card was initially met with a lot of criticism. As even though it was named the 80 model, its spec was in fact a lot more different. And with a much higher price than previous generations, consumers weren’t happy. So it’s no surprise it’s coming in rebranded. And so it better justifies its newer name and price. With that, we bring you the likely retailers of where you will be able to get them from.

Pricing and AMD

Now with the change in naming, the price has also been reduced. Although it is still higher than the previous iterations. As we have seen with the other cards. Like the whole 4000 series range increasing their pricing. The 4090 increased it by $100, whilst the 4080 is a much bigger jump. As it was hundreds of dollars as was the 4080 12GB. So this 4070 Ti price increases generationally by another $200.

However, with no Founder’s Edition model, it will mean partner models are unlikely to reach that price point. With a lot of other options likely increasing that. In terms of AMD’s Radeon options, there is the 7900 XTX or XT to pick from at the moment. Although the lower range is $100 more expensive it might be worth it. But it’s best to compare the benchmarks. It is likely more AMD cards will come out in the future. And so it may be a good alternative to choose from as the Nvidia cards might be a worse value for money.

4070 ti specs date price

Where to buy RTX 4070 Ti – US

Links will be updated when the cards become available for purchase


Best Buy


Where to buy RTX 4070 Ti – Canada

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Where to buy RTX 4070 Ti – UK

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Where can you buy an RTX 4070 Ti?

Since the card has come out, its stock has stabilized. With plenty of models around at your usual retailers, as listed in our list. It wasn’t quite the popular card as other options and so there is no rush out to buy the card to get it. So you can check out the usual Best Buy, Newegg, or Amazon in the States. Whilst the UK there are plenty of other options too.

Can you pre order the RTX 4070 Ti?

As previously with other graphics card releases, the 4070 Ti is unlikely to be available for pre order. As the card is in stock there is no need for pre order now. But if the model you’re looking for is missing, then the retailer might let you pre order it such as Overclockers in the UK.

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