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Wipeout reboot

Wipeout Reboot Rumoured after Acquisition of Firesprite Studios by Sony

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The wipeout game series occupies a soft spot in many of our hearts, with memories of high-octane hovercar crashes and energetic techno soundtracks. The wipeout reboot rumor will be an exciting development if it rings true.

Notorious Industry leaker, Shpeshal_Nick has reportedly got two separate sources confirming the reboot. He has a spotty track record of being accurate with these things, just last week he was confident about a new addition to the infamous franchise being announced at the PS Showcase which didn’t turn out to happen in the end.

A screenshot posted to Reddit shows Shpeshal_Nick responding via Twitter DMs to another user saying that “I’ve been told by two separate sources that it is”

Rumored Wipeout Reboot by Firesprite Studios

This rumor may hold more weight, however, as the studio responsible for the Wipeout franchise, has had several employees reform into Firesprite studios, which has recently been purchased by Sony. This could point towards a Wipeout reboot as it was one of the more popular franchises that this studio has developed.

The Wipeout genre of game has had somewhat of a revival in recent years with the very popular Fast RMX for the Nintendo Switch and, even more pertinent to this rumor Redout, which was developed by a few of the original Studio Liverpool people. In addition to these, the Wipeout Omega Collection was released for the PS4 in 2017, so it seems like the wipeout style of game is still very much in demand.

Nothing has been confirmed yet but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as and when we know more

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