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Pink is the new black – the best pink gaming setup with Secretlab

Secretlab is renowned the world over for its incredible gaming chairs and variety of color options and now the MAGPAD Desk Mat joins the party with the Pastel Pink and Cream White edition

Updated: Oct 19, 2023 10:45 am
Pink is the new black – the best pink gaming setup with Secretlab

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When it comes to the perfect gaming setup, we all have our own styles and preferences. Whether you’re a minimalist who strives for an ultra-clean aesthetic, or a gaming enthusiast who is RGB bonkers, there is something for everyone. A popular gaming room idea that has remained tricky to get right has always been pink. Finding high-quality accessories for an ideal pink setup has finally been made easier thanks to Secretlab.

Secretlab gaming chairs have featured a massive selection of colorways and designs over the years, with one of the most popular being the coveted Plush Pink Titan Evo SoftWeave. The Titan Evo gaming chair needs little introduction, it is by far the best gaming chair on the market. Well, if you think everything is pretty in pink, now you can complete your setup with the introduction of the Secretlab MAGPAD Pastel Pink or Cream White edition desk mat, the Plush Pink SKIN, Pink PlushCell armrest tops, and a little Pink Plushie.

The MAGPAD Desk Mat gets a glow up

Secretlabs Magnus Pro desk brought innovation and excitement back into a rather stale category, however, until now, there was no real way to add color aside from a variety of themed MAGPADs. While the Signature Stealth and Black MAGPADs look fabulous, many have yearned for a bit of flare and contrast. The introduction of the Pastel Pink and Cream White editions is just that, catering to a whole new audience. These will brighten up your desk and gaming room to no end.


The best pink gaming setup – Secretlab edition

To complete the ultimate pink gaming setup there are some key products you are going to want to include. Assuming you already have yourself a pink PC case, RGB lighting, Pink mouse, keyboard, and headset – what’s left?

The best pink gaming chair: Secretlab Titan Evo SoftWeave

Secretlab TITAN Evo SoftWeave Pink


Height range (Medium Size)

5’6″ – 6’0″

Maximum load


Seat width




Height adjustment range


This chair is an award-winning champion with supreme comfort and features that makes anyone’s gaming setup feel like “the best” on its own.


We had the pleasure of reviewing the Titan Evo, scoring it 4.5 out of 5 for its ergonomic adjustability and overall build quality. This chair will keep you comfy for hours, check out our full review here. Don’t forget you can also enhance the armrests with the pink Secretlab PlushCell armrest tops too.

The best pink mouse pad: Secretlab Pastel Pink MAGPAD

Secretlab MAGPAD Desk Mat


Size options

1500mm or 1770mm (length)


Signature Stealth, Black, Pastel Pink, Cream White

Replace that plain Jane black mouse pad with the Pastel Pink or Cream MAGPAD desk mat, topped with plush, durable leatherette that not only feels great but looks great too.

We found the Magnus Pro desk from Secretlab to be one of the most complete gaming options on the market and the additional MAGPAD was the standout accessory.

Complete the setup with a cuddle buddy

The new Secretlab Plushie is available in a few colors, most notably pink, and is the little, cozy cherry on top of this ultimate pink gaming setup.


With a microbead filling and soft velour exterior, there is nothing softer for those colder evenings while playing games or watching films.

As Secretlab continues to diversify its range of amazing products there has never been a better time to re-imagine and build a new gaming setup. No matter your decor, there is a plethora of peripherals and accessories to match. Check out the full range of Secretlab products here.

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