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Can you see deleted messages on Discord?

Sorry, those deleted messages on Discord are gone

Updated: May 4, 2022 4:19 pm
Can you see deleted messages on Discord?

Whether you are saying something stupid to your friends and removed it, accidentally deleted some vital information, or formatted your Discord text incorrectly, we all make mistakes. Sometimes the act of deleting a Discord message can be said mistake but how do you reverse this and see a deleted message on Discord? You can’t.


Deleted messages on Discord

If you are looking at how to see deleted messages on Discord, unfortunately, you cannot do this. Once a message has been deleted it is unretrievable. Why would you need to see deleted messages you ask? Well, if you come across an abusive Discord user, you can report them. The main issue with an abusive idiot is that they still have the brain capacity to remember and delete their message afterward.

Messages, once deleted, are wiped from the server entirely, which follows the privacy rules of the platform.

So what can you do?

You can report abuse using their official form or by emailing: [email protected]. The support team will need a screenshot of the message (even if it’s deleted), the server ID, and the user ID. Remember you will need the abuser’s user ID and not their nickname, as that can be changed very easily.

This may seem odd from an admin perspective but is just the way it is. There are going to be scenarios where an abusive person or scammer deletes all traces of their DMs and may get away with it, so all you can do is stay savvy, stay safe.

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