BenQ GL2460BH Gaming Monitor 2021 Review

A 24 inch 1080p 1ms response time gaming monitor which is great value for money

BenQ 24 Inch 1080P GL2460BH Great Gaming Monitor Great Value

Need a new monitor? Don't want to break the bank? BenQ has you covered with this full HD 1080p 1ms gaming monitor.

BenQ asked to sponsor a review for the GL2460BH, and obviously, we had to accept. BenQ is a big name for gaming monitors these days, so I always find it interesting to test their monitors.

GL2460BH - Styling

When it comes to looks, the GL2460BH fits in well with most of BenQ’s other monitors in this class. While not overly stylish or flashy, it does have a nice clean look to it.

The base is a round flat disc that felt reassuringly sturdy; at no time did it feel like it wouldn’t hold the monitor securely in place.

BenQ GL2460BH unbox 2

All of the buttons are on the back, right side of the panel, which allows the bezel to be nice and thin. It also hides the buttons away for a more elegant look.

BenQ GL2460BH unbox 3

Aesthetics, and in particular a clean look, isn’t important for everyone, but I for one like to try and get as clean of a look as I can when I’m upgrading my peripherals.

BenQ GL2460BH unbox 1


The GL2460BH comes with some nice features to help protect your eyes from strain and fatigue, as well as great specs to go with it. If you’re unfamiliar with these specs, don’t worry; we wrote an article to help you understand what to look for in a monitor.


The GL2460BH is a 24” LED monitor, which is a standard monitor size, so it should fit nicely into whatever desk space you have available.

Its physical footprint is only (HxWxD) 17x22.25x7.6 inches (433.45x565.36x193.82 mm). If this is too large, it does come with 100x100 VESA mounting holes so you can mount it on your wall (or the side of your computer case if you’re really cramped on space).

For the screen area, you’ll have 246 square inches of screen space at your disposal. For reference: a 20” monitor has 171 square inches (a 24” is a 43% increase) and a 27” screen is about 312 square inches (26% increase over a 24”).


The resolution of a monitor refers to the individual pixels of light in your monitor, measured vertically and horizontally. A monitor with a resolution of 1920x1080 (1080p) has 1,920 pixels horizontally, and 1,080 pixels vertically.

The GL2460BH comes with the still-standard 1080p resolution, which isn’t really a surprise. While 1080p is slowly being phased out, it’s still the standard resolution for most gamers.

Refresh Rate

The GL2460BH comes with a refresh rate of 75hz, meaning it can refresh the screen 75 times every second. The higher your refresh rate, the smoother your image will be due to the increased amount of new frames it can show.

A lot of monitors in this class still come at 60Hz, so this monitor has just a little bit of an edge over some of its competition.

More information about refresh rates and how they benefit you can be found here.

Response Time

When an LED monitor displays a new frame, it has to adjust each pixel’s color individually. The farther away the new color and old color are from each other, the longer it takes to make the change.

BenQ advertises a 1ms GTG (Grey To Grey) response time for the GL2460BH. The faster the response time of the pixels, the smoother of a transition you’ll get.

If you’ve ever experienced ghosting while gaming, its due to your response time. When a pixel can’t change as fast as the frames are refreshing, sometimes the colors blur together, and you get a sort of in-between frame that causes a ghosting effect.

Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio for this monitor is pretty standard, coming in at 1000:1. Contrast ratio refers to the shades between the monitors blackest black and it’s whitest white. The higher the contrast ratio, the more shades that there are.

When you get more shades, you get a better color range and therefore a better image.


The GL2460BH gets a pretty standard set of monitor inputs with 1x HDMI, 1x DVI, and 1x VGA.

It doesn’t come with a display port, so if you have a high-end video card, you may need a different monitor.

Having three of the older inputs can be extremely useful for testing graphic input issues, and HDMI is still pretty standard. So unless you’re looking for something cutting edge, this monitor should do just fine.

It also includes headphone passthrough for HDMI audio.

Eye care

More recent BenQ monitors stress eye care with various features. The GL2460BH gets three such features, helping to make sure your eyes stay fresh with minimal fatigue.


Most monitors flicker very quickly when changing frames; so fast that your vision doesn’t usually notice it. Even if you don’t notice, this constant flickering can still cause eye strain. The GL2460BH has flicker-free technology to remove this element of stress on your eyes.

Low Blue Light

Everyone knows monitors can cause high strain on your eyes due to the bright lights that emanate from them. The most harmful of these lights lie in the blue spectrum.

This monitor comes with low blue light tech, which helps to filter out the harmful blue light spectrum, greatly reducing the strain on your eyes.

It should be noted that blue light reduction feature cannot be turned off, but there are picture modes and color settings you can set manually to get the picture how you want it, even with blue light reduction turned on.

While using this monitor, I didn’t come to a point where I felt I needed to stop and take a break from looking at it as I do with some other monitors. A huge plus in a monitor as far as I’m concerned.

Brightness Intelligence Technology

Another cause of significant eye strain is the contrast of the image on the screen. If some areas are more bright or dark than the rest of the scene, it can cause your eyes to work harder resulting in strain.

Brightness Intelligence Tech (B.I. Tech) works to reduce this element of stress on your eyes by smoothing out those areas that are too bright or too dark.

By analyzing the scene around these trouble areas, it can lighten or darken specific areas of the scene, resulting in less work from our eyes. This same technology can also adjust the brightness of your screen automatically by detecting the ambient lighting around it and adjusting accordingly.

I’ve used a couple of monitors from BenQ now with this feature and I have to say that they are great for long time use due to these features.

The B.I. Tech can be turned on and off, along with being able to fine-tune both the ambient light sensitivity and how much it reduces the brightness by.

Hands-on results

After unboxing and setting this monitor up on my desk, I got to work on setting up my colors. While it looked pretty good out of the box, it’s always a good idea to do some color testing with a new monitor and dial it in.

It’s easy to set up and change your color and picture settings on this monitor. The menu and buttons are well laid out. I had no trouble finding any of the settings I was looking for, and the button layout is intuitive and didn’t feel clumsy.

Gaming on this monitor was a very enjoyable experience. Even during long gaming sessions, I didn’t feel like my eyes were getting fatigued as easily as my older monitors that don’t have any eye care tech built into them.

Here’s a sampling of what Overwatch looks like once I got the colors and brightness dialed in.

BenQ GL2460BH unbox

The colors are nice and punched in. It doesn’t look washed out, and I never felt like the colors were too dark.

The 1ms response time and 75Hz refresh worked wonderfully together. The images were crisp and the extra 15Hz bump over my 60Hz 24” monitor was a noticeable difference, as my games were just a little bit smoother than usual on it. Although it is worth noting that not everyone will notice that 15Hz bump.

Overall, using this monitor was a very pleasing experience. While this monitor doesn’t have an extreme refresh rate or resolution, as a standard 1080p gaming monitor I give it my seal of approval.

Will you be buying one of these? Let us know in the comments below.

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