Is AMD Testing A Monster GPU To Rival Nvidia?

Rumour has it that a “Big Navi” graphics card is on the way from AMD and is currently in the USA for testing. 

We are already pretty confident that AMD’s Big Navi graphics card will arrive sometime in 2020, given what Lisa Su, AMD’s chief executive has already said. “I can say you’re going to see Big Navi in 2020.”

It has been called by some the “Nvidia killer” because it looks like it will become Nvidia’s biggest rival in the GPU market. But what do we know so far about its performance?

How Will The Navi 21 GPU Perform?

The latest rumor was first spotted by Guru3D and comes from the Chiphell forums. If the rumor is to be believed and it refers to the Navi 21, then information is limited right now. If it is in testing, then we imagine those results will be made public soon enough – if all goes well, of course. 

The rumor suggests that the Big Navi – the Navi 21 GPU will feature 80 compute units (CUs) and will be built on RDNA2 architecture – revealing an interesting and bold shift from existing architecture previously used in Navi cards. 

RDNA2 architecture has the potential to bring some hardware acceleration for those who wish to use ray tracing. This is thought to be a way to keep up with Nvidia’s offerings with their RTX graphics cards which already support ray tracing. 

We’re interested in what the clock speeds will look like as it’s hard to make an estimation of the power and performance the card will deliver just based on compute units and RDNA2 architecture. 

Rumors so far place this card at around 30% faster than Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2080 Ti which would certainly disrupt the market but we can’t be certain if that’s accurate just yet. 

This graphics card could be just what AMD needs to deliver as an answer to Nvidia’s current and upcoming products. We expect Nvidia to start putting out their next-generation Ampere graphics cards this year, so it will be interesting to see what AMD has to say about that. 

Nothing Is Confirmed Yet From AMD

Of course, even if it is currently in the testing stage, we can’t really predict what the performance will look like just yet. However, everything so far points to it being a monster GPU that could rival the best of the competition out there. 

We can’t wait to see what AMD put out over the next year? Are you also looking forward to this Big Navi card? Let us know in the comments below.