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List Of AMD FSR Games To Expand Via GPUOpen Platform, Unity, and Unreal Engine Support

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Is Open Source To Game Developers

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AMD’s FSR (or FidelityFX Super Resolution to give its full name) is a superb piece of upscaling technology, that as of today (the 15th July 2021) has now been made available for game designers using the Unity engine, the Unreal Engine, and also freely available on the GPUOpen platform as an opensource code. Great news!

Essentially this means that, whilst the list of AMD FSR supported games currently remains small, we are likely to see very widespread adoption of it in future games (given that many will be based on Unity and Unreal engine).

The free nature of the technology and the fact it works on both AMD and Nvidia hardware means that there’s no reason everyone can’t enjoy this great performance boost in their games going forward.

What Will AMD FSR Look Like On My Computer?

If you want to get a taste of what FSR can do but don’t yet have a game that supports it, AMD have kindly put together a little demo to let you try it out.

Simply download the FSR demo from the GPUOpen site, install it, run it, and you will be able to run a scene in which you can switch between the different FSR levels for a handy comparison.

Four New Games Added To FSR Support

Resident Evil Village, Necromunda: Hired Gun, Edge of Eternity, and Arcadegeddon now all have official AMD FSR support.

These games are added to the small but gradually expanding list of AMD FSR games.

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