AMD’s Next Major Driver Update Could Ramp Up Framerates On Its Budget GPUs 

AMD’s support for its Radeon products is set to continue in December with its next big driver update. We’ve recently learned that one of the major benefits to be rolled out next is a feature that allows users with budget graphics cards to get the most out of their hardware.

Increased Framerates For all

The feature that will supposedly allow for these boosts is the aptly named AMD Radeon Boost. Uncovered in a marketing material leak, images show the feature’s advertisement page and the fact that it promises to ‘turbocharge your game’.

The promotional images say that the Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition is available ‘today’ but as this is a leaked image, it appears that it will coincide with the expected December release. 

How Will This Be Achieved?

As this news has yet to be officially announced, we don’t know how the software will achieve these gains or even a rough idea of what to expect. Techradar has made the link that this feature could coincide with the news of AMD buying HiAlgo in 2016. 

When purchased, HiAlgo had developed two pieces of technology, their HiAlgo Chill and HiAlgo Boost. With AMD introducing AMD Chill already, it’s likely that this boost software could be an improved version of HiAlgo Boost. 

The Boost software created by HiAlgo worked by utilizing an adaptive resolution technology. This process works by adapting the resolution of the images shown on screen depending on the action. This allows performance to be boosted per frame, with a greater resolution being shown while the action is static and reducing the resolution when there is more action – when the player is less likely to notice the resolution drops. 

Closing Thoughts

Although it looks to be very likely that this software makes an appearance in the upcoming driver package, this is not to say that it will be the same technology that AMD opts for. It looks like we will have to wait for the new driver update to land before we can start to comb through the details. On paper though, it looks very promising. 

With AMD currently releasing its own budget line of graphics cards, it makes perfect sense that they’ll want to support these by helping users boost performance in any way possible. This puts AMD in a great position when compared to Nvidia’s budget graphics cards. If done well, this software will allow for a noticeable framerate boost without a noticeable reduction in graphics.